It’s an essential reference from regular FF&FT contributor, Dr Malcolm Greenhalgh, for any angler/entomologist who is interested in his or her surroundings, and/or likes to analyse what trout are eating. If they eat it, it will be in here.

Not just the usual upwings, sedges and stoneflies, it also describes nymphal and adult forms, each accompanied by the highly detailed, painstakingly accurate, meticulous artwork of Denys Ovenden. Discerning features are listed as ‘keys’ to help the angler to quickly identify an insect he may have caught or obtained in a stomach sample.

There are over 250 pages, each packed with information on over 900 plant and animal species, aquatic plants, and sketches of different cased caddis.

It’s not the first book on which the encyclopaedic knowledge of Greenhalgh’s words and the intricate artwork of Ovenden have combined – they are gradually developing into the Lennon and McCartney of naturalist guide books – however, this book can’t help but bring out the latent naturalist in any fly fisher.