We have all had those infuriating days when the marabou tails or wings of our lures wrap under and around the hook-shank, thereby destroying the shape and action of the fly. This is particularly true on patterns which sport a weighted head, such as Goldhead Fritz or Dog Nobbler lures.Over the years I have seen several attempts to combat this problem: adding a mix of coarse hair into the marabou plumes to give them suppoort; adding a blob of Superglue to the roots; even inserting the butts of the marabou into a silicone tube.Several years ago, I came up with the following simple trick which prevents wrap-around occurring. It really is simple, ultra-quick and the beauty of it is that you do not have to alter the dressing or introduce any special materials.

1) Select a thread that is the same colour as the marabou tail;
2) Prepare the marabou in the usual way, stripping it from the quill and roll the marabou in your fingers, wetting it a little so the tail sticks together.
3) Tie the marabou tail in the usual manner.
4) Grip the tail and hold it up at an angle of around 45? to the hook-shank. Now simply make six touching turns of tying silk around the base of the tail, close to the hook-shank. This has the effect of holding the tail in place without the need to alter the dressing, and it is virtually invisible once the fly is completed.
5) Finish the fly in the usual fashion, taking care not to flatten those turns of silk at the base of the tail.

This technique can be applied to all marabou or Flashabou-tailed patterns – including Tadpoles – and Sparklers. It is also very useful when tying patterns with long wings such as Cats Whiskers.

I now use this technique when tying all my stillwater and saltwater lures, and I am sure it will assist the salmon fly tyer, too.