FF&FT contributor becomes first living UK fly fisher to receive honour from New York State’s Catskill Centre

Charles Jardine, photographed in Montana.

FF&FT contributor,  Charles Jardine, is to be inducted into the fly-fishing equivalent of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at a ceremony in New York State in October this year. The British based fly fisher will be the first living UK fly-fishing personality to receive honour, bestowed by the Catskill Fly Fishing Centre and American Museum.

The Fly Fishing Centre and American Museum is seen as the crucible of fly fishing in the US and performs a vital role for both education, conservation and fly fishing for the US fly fishing community, which extends to over seven million participants in the US. 

Past inductees include: Lee and Joan Wulff, Robert Redford, Bernard “Lefty” Kreh, Hoagy Carmichael, Dave Whitlock, Tom McGuane, Steve Rajeff, John Gierach, Charles Ritz, Norman MacLean and many other giants of fly fishing.

The honour is: ‘Reserved for distinguished members of the angling community who ‘stand tall’ and whose reputations are a part of the history of fly fishing’, the nominating committee look for a person who has made a substantial contribution to the sport of fly-fishing on a national or international basis. This might entail furthering the understanding or care of the aquatic habitat; innovations of fly-fishing techniques, tackle, flies or other elements of the sport; or furthering appreciation for or knowledge of the practice of the sport. Inductees are selected from throughout the fly-fishing community, be they anglers, guides, scientists, conservationists or fishing industry leaders.

Charles commented:  I am humbled and deeply moved to even be mentioned in the same breath of those that have been previously inducted.

“The standing of these individuals represents the very cornerstones of our sport – a fly fishing Olympus. I just feel so glad that I have been able to contribute, in some small way to a sport that I have loved for over 60 years. I really don’t feel worthy – after all, I am just a simple fisher who just wants to develop and grow our fabulous sport.

“The American fly fishing community has been so kind to me over the years and bestowed some wonderful accolades; this by far is the pinnacle. I think I am still dreaming it all….”