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Tidying Up The Desk

Santa was very kind to Allan Liddle this year, as he takes us through an extremely useful tying accessory he found under his Christmas tree.

The Spool Tower: quickly adopted as part of Allan's everyday kit.
The Spool Tower: quickly adopted as part of Allan's everyday kit.

Tying flies can be a messy and disorganised prospect; spools of threads and tinsels lie scattered amongst packets of hooks, dubbing dispensers and the odd tungsten bead or two. Add to that your tools and the mess created when you finally lash fur and feather to a hook or two, especially if you have the same passion for deer hair as I have.

Attending tying shows and demonstrations also mean you’ve to cart all you need with you which often gets thrown into a box or some other form of container and try as hard as you like to create some form of order, usually ends up a jumbled mess, after a few hours tying, especially if it’s a two day event as inevitably you’ve to pack everything away quickly after day one.

So without doubt the best present I received this year was an aptly named ‘Spool Tower’ adding a bit of style to my tying forays through this year receiving much admired comments when viewed.  In fact it’s quickly become one of my favourite accessories huge thanks to Herwig Haas of Friends of Flyfishing and Andrew Hogg (Wildside Fishing) for the gift, very much appreciated.

The tower has a simple locking lid meaning the entire bit of kit can be easily transported.

Ok I’m not trying to say I had no order at all, but as a mark of how good a bit of equipment is I always think that if you quickly begin to take it for granted, adopting it as a part of your everyday kit that’s almost seamless then it must be good, in fact so quickly have I become acquainted with my Spool Tower that it usually takes a comment or question about it when tying that my attention is drawn to it again, much like your vice or your tools.

Not only looking good but practical, I’ve got the basic Spool Tower with others offering different tops displaying trout, salmon, grayling or pike and a mix of clear or green coloured ‘tiers’ to choose from. With three swivel tiers over a fourth one at the base, each with the ability to hold either six spools of thread or tinsel, or six custom made dispensers for tungsten beads or dubbing (dubbing ones come with a small hole in the top to pick out your required material, bead holders without the hole for obvious reasons). All of them are held down a spine towards the rear meaning they swivel outwards and easily fully expose the contents, handy and practical. If there is a downside it’s the fact that it is a wee bit limited in terms of amount of kit it holds, however there is a bigger one on offer should you require.

Three swivel tiers over a fourth one at the base.

Not the cheapest accessory you’ll buy, but one of the tidiest and very well made, looks good and is reasonably practical.

The best bit for me is the holder that comes with the tower which has a simple locking lid meaning the entire bit of kit can be easily transported, fully loaded quickly and easily and, most important for me, tidily.

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