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Sweet scent of peat

That most magical memory of the highlands and islands

"… brings the traditional aroma of a peat fire into your home.”

Fishing and a comforting dram are inextricably linked. Now that pleasure can be greatly enhanced by the addition of the sweet scent of peat. Jamie McCarthy of Halkirk in Caithness has produced small cones of peat that, once lit, fill both room and mind with that most magical memory of the highlands and islands. One of Jamie’s friends, Sandy Crawford invented the technique and the product is now available online.

Jamie has fished the Thurso River since he was a boy; which was probably inevitable given that his father, Eddie, is the Thurso River Superintendent. Jamie began fishing when he was seven and caught his first salmon at the age of nine. Peatcense has been well-received throughout the world from Japan to the USA and Jamie arranged for boxes of Peatcense to be sent out to soldiers in Afghanistan for Burns Night.

Your correspondent has become addicted to the product. It does exactly what it says on the packet: “It brings the traditional aroma of a peat fire into your home.” Highly recommended to either celebrate or commiserate the one that did or did not get away. You may contact Jamie McCarthy at: Peatcense, Braal, Halkirk, Caithness KW12 6XE; tel: 077990 72670; email: sales@peatcense.co.uk; website: www.peatcense.co.uk

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