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Strike a light!

Lightening up in a storm

Fishing in a gale on Loch Loyal ... time for the Turboflame.
Fishing in a gale on Loch Loyal ... time for the Turboflame.

There are many things that cause anglers angst, not the least of which is losing a fish. There is, however, one other source of distress that is peculiar to those of us who are still addicted to the dreaded weed – tobacco, that is – and the smoking thereof.

Yes, I agree, smoking will damage your health, but for anglers trying to light up in a force 5 gale there is also the danger of seriously damaging your nose-hairs, clothing and other parts of the body beautiful; crouching behind rocks and boulders various by the river in a Quasimodo position trying to find shelter to strike a match that burns long enough to do the deed.

Afloat, in a boat, although I suppose it also applies to being in a float-tube, the problem is more difficult, because, invariably, there is no shelter whatsoever; other than your companion who might just reasonably object to the possibility of being set ablaze. Another downside is that, invariably, when you are trying to light said cigarette this is when the fish of your dreams erupts from the depths.

Given that it takes but one match to light a forest fire and yet a whole box to light a fag, the obvious solution is to buy an efficient gas-filled lighter. Sadly, they are rarely powerful enough to cope with the sort of winds we get up here in the far north. Happily, I have discovered a lighter guaranteed to perform in the teeth of the strongest of all gales.

This gem is a Turboflame, the epitome of perfection: strong, well designed and easy to hold complete with lanyard loop attachment so that it can be easily accessed and easily operated with one hand; as others huddle and struggle, your correspondent simply smiles and lights up. If you are looking for a solution to puffing in a storm, I could not more highly recommend it – either that, or, of course, give up smoking.

Contact: Turboflame, Unit 68, 792 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 6UG; telephone 0161 4281077; email: originsite@yahoo.com; website: www.turboflame.co.uk

Existing comments

I need to invest in one! As an addicted pipe smoker I have endured the torture that comes from the soggy matchbox. A conventional lighter doesn't stay aflame long enough to ignite my pipefull of coarse flake baccy. A lack of nicotine results in nasty withdrawal symptoms which take the pleasure out of a day afloat. Whilst I agree that giving up smoking is the sensible option, I'm not yet ready to be sensible. Taking time to fill a pipe and lighting up is often a great way to refocus on my fishing, take stock and fine tune my tactics. This device will be added to the contents of my tackle bag!

By DW-D on 2010 12 03

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