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"More of what matters" from Morrisons

What's in a name?
What's in a name?

This photograph shows a pack of Macrae ‘Scottish Quality’ smoked salmon, bought a few weeks ago in a Morrison’s supermarket in Dumbarton in the west of Scotland. But is the salmon Scottish? Most customers would surely think that it was. They would be wrong: look the panel at the bottom right and you will see that the salmon was farmed in Norway. The back of the pack gives an account of how the salmon was lovingly smoked, in Scotland, but does not identify exactly where in Scotland that loving took place.

When John F Robins of Animal Concern Advice Line took the matter to the Trading Standards authority, they confirmed to him that is was perfectly legal because it describes the contents as “Scottish smoked salmon” and not “smoked Scottish salmon. John told me, “Many salmon products now have no country of origin on the main packaging, with the source being given beside the sell-by date or in an overprinted code letter.”

During a recent visit to the wet fish counter in an Inverness Tesco supermarket, whole salmon, sides of salmon, salmon steaks and rainbow trout were on sale, all tastefully displayed on a bed of ice – but not a sign that that could tell me if they were either farmed or wild fish. Oh, and by the way, the Macrae ‘Scottish Quality’ smoked salmon mentioned above was on offer at half price, reduced from £5.99p to £2.99p. Half price? I don’t think so.

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