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Ready for sea trout in the surf

Summer's here and it's time to prepare to meet sea trout off the coast

Surf Sprats ready for action in the sea.
Surf Sprats ready for action in the sea.

My love of fishing in the sea is well known and is something I really look forward to, especially in the summer and a true break away from my first love of chasing wild browns in rivers and lochs.
Saltwater fly fishing is a completely different adventure, hard on the equipment, many hours spent in unfruitful searches and with an eye always on the dangers of the sea itself, but a true challenge and takes you to some stunning locations.

This fly is a variation of one I picked up from fellow sea trout fanatic, Connor McLennan and I reach for this when I’m looking for a big, brash eye-catching no nonsense streamer.  Certainly, a fly for big fast strips and hard hits, always exciting.

Surf Sprat

  • Hook: Partridge F2 Boilie Long (Specimen Coarse and Carp Range).

  • Thread: Semperfli Pearl Microglint.

  • Tail: Krystalflash red tied short under pearl, tied long.

  • Body: White Ice Dubbing (brush well out).

  • Wing: White Ice Dubbing under Gaula Mix Krystalflash.

  • Eyes: 3.0mm silver.

  • Coating: Two coats Gulff Flexman UV-cure resin.

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