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Protect our wild salmon

A packet of wild salmon from Usan Salmon Fisheries.
A packet of wild salmon from Usan Salmon Fisheries.

Sometimes you stumble on things which sound fine initially but then you quickly realise they're actually absurd. Like monitoring the health of whale populations by running a substantial whaling fleet, for example. Or by applying for protected name status for a food, like Scottish farmed salmon, except now the European Union is considering designating Scottish wild salmon as a Protected Food Name.

Published this month in the Official Journal of the European Union is the publication of an application to do just that. The application is from DEFRA but it originates from the Salmon Net Fishing Association of Scotland and independent netsmen whose address is listed as: The Bothy, ?Usan, ?Montrose, ?Angus ?DD10 9SG. Oh, and that is also the address of Usan Salmon Fisheries Ltd who owns and operate netting stations on the east coast of Scotland. As it happens they have recently started netting near my home at the mouth of the Deveron, where their nets will intercept salmon and sea trout from the Deveron, Don and Dee, at a netting station which has been unused for 20 years.

You have to wonder if all the bits ever will be joined up. Applying to have 'Scottish Wild Salmon' registered as a Protected Food Name simply seems absurd, like registering Chinese Panda Burgers or Californian Blue Whale Steaks. They are registering an endangered species as a food so the fish they market have a higher commercial value and so demand for wild Atlantic salmon in preference to cheap farmed salmon, grows. Has the Scottish government actually thought this through?

You can see it for youself by clicking HERE.

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