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Kitchen-sink drama

Spey-O-Rama last weekend, with qualification on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. Thanks to a live video link streaming over the internet, on Sunday afternoon I sat in my kitchen in Scotland watching a Spey-casting event at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club's ponds in San Francisco.

Things to note about Spey-O-Rama: no platforms, rods are 15ft, the casters stand about waist deep in water where they make two types of cast, snakes and single speys, casting off both shoulders. Far more realistic, far more like fishing, than the main Spey competitions held in the UK. A few years ago I asked a couple of top Scottish casters which Spey-casting event they liked best, Spey-O-Rama was their unanimous favourite. They preferred the style of the event, length of rod, the casting position – the whole thing. Then they went on to talk about the atmosphere of Spey-O-Rama, the sense of cameraderie and festival. What came across was a sense that they felt Spey-O-Rama was first and foremost a celebration of Spey-casting, a sport they were obviously passionate about. Such a pity that we have nothing like Spey-O-Rama in the UK.

Carron took top honours in the Mens Finals – results click here. Other rods and line featured among the leading Ladies and Senior Men – results here.

This year the Spey-O-Rama organisers published a brief intoduction to the comptition casters – click here – which gives a few personal details, ages, nationalities etc. and some tackle details. Scanning through that list was frankly surprising. It appears the single most popular rod brand among the Spey-O-Rama casters by a very long way is Bruce & Walker, an astonishing tribute to a small, dedicated British company.

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