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Isaac Walton would have been at home with a tenkara outfit

GAC's Open Weeknd

Saturday past was the Hardy Open Day, and a very relaxed and friendly event it was. I managed to sneak away to watch one or two demonstrations. The one that sticks in my head was John Tyzak explaining and demonstrating the use of French Leaders.

I know the theory and have even tried using a couple of French Leaders. The clarity of John's explanation of the advantages of fly fishing without fly line was convincing and seeing him cast long leaders into a head-wind reinforced the case that fishing 'leader-to-hand' is a winning fishing method. So convincing I had to buy a handmade Fish On leader.
I opted for a clear, Enhanced Turnover 6.5m version.

As I listened to John explaining the advantages of fishing without the need for fly line I kept coming back to the idea of tenkara. Then John drew the same comparison, fishing an essentially fixed line, casting with no fly line as such. He took that farther and pointed out that tenkara, and to some degree also French Leader or 'leader-to-hand' techniques, compare easily with the earliest forms of fly fishing. Isaac Walton would have been at home with a tenkara outfit.


Existing comments

There is no doubting that French Leader/Leader to Hand & Tenkara provide outstanding presentation & avoid the spooking effect of a relatively heavy fly line landing on the water. I note from the video clip JT's braid indicator was floating on the surface. When Tenkara nymphing I like to hold my braid indicator just above the surface so that the faster surface water does not drag my nymph much faster than the slower subsurface flow. The even more direct contact facilitated by short-line Tenkara also makes the use of subtle lifts during the drift easier to achieve. Dave Southall

By dave southall on 2013 05 25

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