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Fishermen need to act responsibly

As governments begin to allow fishing, it's important we act responsibly

Allan will be fishing locally, and only with his dog for company.
Allan will be fishing locally, and only with his dog for company.

With the news today (15.05.20) that Northern Ireland may grant the green light to start fishing from Monday (18.05.20) – Step One of its  ‘Pathway to recovery’ includes: “Outdoor spaces and public sport amenities to open. For example, walking, running, cycling, some water activities…” This would just leave us, in Scotland, the only one of the four Home Nations still unable to go out fishing, but hopefully for not too much longer. 
The infection rate in Scotland is still a little too high, so it is correct we're still on a stricter lockdown; yes, it is coming down, but once we gain the green light we still need to be very cautious.

Strict local access, I feel, is paramount: we know how easily and quickly the virus can be spread due to travel, even more serious when it is taken into rural areas from those outside. Areas that struggle with any impact and have  a more complicated, more restricted access to medical help.

It won't be long now, but we need to ensure that the restrictions are adhered to, and we avoid any 'anti angling’ public backlash.

As I wrote in my last blog, this is more than a few people “bitching selfishly about not getting out to simply go fishing”. We know that there is significant health benefits from participating in angling, not least of which is mental wellness which I confess is something I have had a personal struggle with throughout all of this.

This means that, whenever the lockdown is lifted, it'll be strict self-isolation for me (just me and Ronmiester, the dog) and by restricting my fishing to very, very local. There is way too much at stake – and way too much sadness and suffering upon us – for any form of 'normal service' to be resumed just yet.

There is so much more I could add, but I’ve already mentioned most of this in the previous blog, but I’d merely like to add this: we need to ensure we act responsibly, carefully and with much respect to all around us.
Truth is, the last thing we need right now (or anytime in the future) is for a 'second wave' of this terrible virus.

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