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Chaos from order

"Where did I put my nippers?"

Stuff, and more stuff! Time to organise.
Stuff, and more stuff! Time to organise.

With my New Year's Resolutions (NYR) already a fading memory – the gym regime, oddly, being adhered to, although I don't feel any fitter or better for it – my other NYR was to organise. A hideous word to fly fishers that: organise. Nevertheless, I had to organise my gear for the coming season which promises to be a hectic one.

I am in perpetual awe of the anglers (with clearly, partial Obsessive Delusional Heterodoxy Disorder) who can pounce on any item, at any time, and just, with a flourish from bag or waistcoat (sorry America, vest), bring it into action. Amazing.

I sort of rummage. I constantly forget which pocket in my waistcoat/vest things live. I try even the most basic of order and structure, and fail. I've even tried partition bags.

So if anyone has any really good ideas out there, about fly fishing storage simplification, please, for the love of mike (whomsoever the chap was) send news to me. Pronto.

But, I think (a bit like the gym) there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to segregate and simplify (well, it’s a notional thought). I have gone mad and bought reel bags to keep the various demonstration reels separate from the actual fishing ones. Whilst I would emphasise that I never use equipment that is purely constructed for demonstrations – that would be utterly disingenuous to an audience – I do want to know that I can pluck a bag from a room, knowing it holds the things that I want for that purpose. That is just sensible.

But, of course, reels and lines are just two (as important as they are) components.

My nemesis? Fly boxes and lose flies. Lord! You know, at the end of the day, when you don’t want to place a damp or wet pattern near to boxes of dry versions and designs for fear of spreading rust and colour seepage. Well there ends up, let’s be honest, being this chaotic, motley mountain of once used flies that seem to breed in pots and receptacles. What to do? No idea. And then there are those spools of tippet, tubes of float-ant and other unctions …

It just goes on and on.

So a cathartic re-think is being undertaken. I mean, one look at the dining room table (pictured above). Need I say more?


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