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Autumn is Coming

Allan Liddle is back on running water as he sees the tell-tale signs that summer is coming to a close... but he is going to make the most of the last few weeks!

There's a definite sense of autumn in the air for Allan Liddle.
There's a definite sense of autumn in the air for Allan Liddle.
There's a definite sense of autumn in the air for Allan Liddle.
There's a definite sense of autumn in the air for Allan Liddle.

Back on running water again last night after a few recent forays on the lochs and it felt great to be able to visit without all the vast amount of stuff you need for a day afloat (or at least a day in a boat).

Couple of fly boxes, light rod, dries on and freedom to roam was the order of the evening with the dogs bounding around enjoying the occasion and the lovely evening, lovely now towards the second half of summer evening to be exact.

Stunningly beautiful as it was, a few things struck me as I chased hungry surface feeding fish. First was the colour of a few of these trout which most definitely showed some heading into the ‘Back End’ coats – which was surprising for fish that are lying at such a low altitude as this (I’ve seen this before in high lochs and streams).

The colour of the trout stood out this month.

Secondly was the fact that, despite the beautiful sunset and nice conditions leading up to this, the temperature certainly dropped rapidly. On the way home we had a low lying mist typical of autumn in these parts, meaning its official, autumn is coming.

I suppose it shouldn’t bee to much of a surprise given we’re a mere two months away from the season’s end, but it also hardly seems fair, only yesterday (or so it seemed) we were just embarking on a new season and all the promise it held.

Time flies, and also true that the older you get the quicker it goes, or it feels this way to me (not that I’m old I hasten to add), so the only thing to do is get ready for an action packed last few weeks with (hopefully) free rising fish and good hatches.

I’ve always felt that (for lochs at least) August is our best month, the fish are in peak condition and starting to get a little restless, fly life is abundant (sedge, olives, midge all present along with the start of good terrestrial ‘falls’, Cow Dung’s, Heather Fly, Daddies), and as the evenings shorten the fish should get even more keen to feed hard.

So, fishing rods at the ready as a busy last eleven weeks (as I write this) beckons, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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