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A cast of two

Loops and timing ...

Bendy vs stiff.
Bendy vs stiff.

Click here to take a look at the above (unfortunately, you'll be taken to a new window).

Now, I wish I'd though of that. To illustrate differences in the way rods behave when we cast, Lasse Karlsson had the brilliantly simple idea of casting two at the same time. A couple of things really jump out from this clip, most obviously when the rods stop moving. The tip of the stiffer, faster, lighter rod comes to rest pretty quickly. The tip of the softer, slower, heavier rod continues to wobble, sending waves down the line for some time after the stop. Loops from the stiffer rod are slightly narrower than those from the softer rod. I think we would expect both those results.

Now how about timing? Why can two very different rods cast at the same pace? We're told that softer, slower action rods are more easily timed because everything happens a little more slowly. Hmm, .apparently not so. Those rods are casting the same length of line – that length sets the tempo of the cast due to the time the loops take to straighten. Then both rods need to get their lines moving at very similar speeds again to make the next loop – and in this demo both rods move at the same time, through the same arc. So much for the notion that a softer rod benefits a beginner caster because the timing is easier.

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