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April 2020


Bad weather Buzzer tips

How to beat the wind

Jigging dynamite

How to tie a better baitfish

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New offer!

On the bench

An in-depth look at bucktail

Diving Ducks

Using CdC on heavyweight flies

Have you got the essentials?

8 crucial elements for success!


Win a Triangle Taper Premium Fly Line

Howard's way

World Champion's tips for tricky waters

Get a wiggle on

A fly that gets a wriggle when it wiggles

First up

Imitate the early emerging March brown

Thunderbirds are go

Tie this tube for high water

Sweet (and sour) release

What are the implications of compulsory catch-and-release

Taking the Mickey

The mouse is a hit on reservoirs


March 2020


Hunt the margins

Mid-winter stalking for 'doubles'

It's hit the fan

How the dairy cow is ruining our rivers

Wester Ross silver-rush

Salmon sport in Torridon

Two ways on the Tone

Mixed sport in Somerset

Opening gambits

Keys to success on opening day

Salmonids on steroids

Fishing in glorious Greenland

Best in the world

Howard Croston's world-beating tactics and flies

The game is changing

Autumn auction reports and spring dates!

Green with envy

Saying "well done" through gritted teeth...

Snowshoe footsteps

How to tie superior dries


February 2020

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Let it snow!

Don't let cold weather put you off

Spider trap

Common spider imitations make sense!

Small flies, Big bass

Score in the sea with size 12 wets

Our lost smolts

Big problem close to home

2020 vision

12 New Year's Resolutions to help you improve!

Salty sea trout blues

Favourite patterns for migratory sea trout

Sugar coated sedge tactics

Fish pupae with a natural rise

Fly Tying 2020

Enter our novice only tying competition

Insch ticks the boxes

Revitalised Loch Insch

Leaping conclusions

Why do salmon jump?


Snowbee XS Roller travel bag in our easy to enter quiz


January 2020

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

NEW! Fly tying competition

Tie your best fly to win prizes!

Bob's the job

No tail-wrap trouble for this ingenious fly

Take a stalk on the carp side

Stalking carp with fly imitations

Angling Club of the month

Draycote Flyfishers Association is a vibrant and welcoming angling club

The Irish spring

Changing salmon runs

Winter wisdom

Tips and flies for hot action in cold weather

Crushing the pink plague

Eradicating invasives

More Minkie business

Pin fry subtleties for success

Look! No Hook!

A pattern that shows a lot - but not everything!

Savory shrimp

Tasty tying secrets disclosed


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