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December 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Downright Dirty

Heard of the Dirty Duster? Well, let Allan Liddle introduce you to the Dirtier Duster

Something out of Gnaw-thing?

The beaver is back, but how will it impact on fishing?

All Black’s touch of genius

The Orange hot-spot Black Cruncher, this month’s textbook tying fly

Clear as day

Colin McLeod takes his opportunity to watch mullet

A touch of magic

Tero Lannes and Jukka Naaeanlahti demonstrate the Magic Dun, tied from the trout’s point of view

Penrith Angling Association

You might not believe it now…but there is a porcupine involved!

Parrot fashion

Frank Moors ties an exciting Irish Shrimp fly using macaw fibres in the tail

The Devil’s Playground

…Tasmanian Devils that is! Travel to Tasmania’s Wester Lakes with Nick Reygaert for some top trout action

Spinner for the shadows

Neil Patterson introduces his spinner destined to fish in the surface film, in shady conditions

Sleigh bells jingling

Looking for a gift for the angler in your life? We’ve got a handy Christmas gift guide!

Big Grayling Hunt

Dave Southall lends advice on locating and tempting a specimen

Wizard on the wing

Dave Wiltshire demonstrates various techniques for winging dry flies


We have a fantastic and funky load of prizes to give away from our friends at Funky Fly Tying!

The Fly Tying League returns

Find out how to enter the Fly Tying League Sponsored by the Angler’s Lodge at Jubilee Lakes

Best of the Rest!

All your usual favourites – reviews, Bruce Sandison, Chris Sandford, Last Cast and more!


November 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Portugal on-point

Kadi de Rakoff visits the Alentejo region of Portugal

Good for an Englishman’s soul

NOW is the time to catch big pike on the fly, so says David Wolsoncroft-Dodds

7 Steps to longer Spey casts

Ally Gowans offers tips to improving your Spey casting distances

Surprise package

Andrew Herd gives three unsinkable emergers made from packaging material

Wye not?

Quality grayling fishing at affordable prices; Mike Handyside visits the Wye

Fancy a biscuit?

Charles Jardine takes his ‘floating line only’ approach to the limit at Chew and shows us his fly of the month; the Biscuit

What a Parish…

Bruce Sandison meets Rev’d Canon Nicholas Court in ‘A Man May Fish’

Thumbs up for streamers

Muddler variants to represent the miller’s thumb or sculpin with Igor Stancev

Sweet Emoji

Neil Patterson adapts southern tactics to northern waters and introduces us to his emoji inspired fly

Raring to go!

Chris Sandford lets us in on some top tips to start your antique tackle collection


Dave Southall debunks those fishy-falsehoods and tall tales

Dun to perfection

Dave Wiltshire uses cul de canard to hackle delicate duns and spinners for mirror-like glides

Under the Moonlight

A 1920’s classic revamped…Bluett’s Fancy is this month’s textbook tying fly!

The Usual Suspects

All your favourite features and columns, including Bruce Sandison, Last Cast, Magnus' reviews and our fantastic quiz!


October 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Bang-Bang chicken!

George Barron says that now is the time to collect these versatile feathers

How the Brown Turkey got it's name

Dave Riding looks into the history of the salmon and sea trout pattern

Gold Rush

Dominic Garnett goes fair weather fishing for the beautiful rudd

All of a flutter

This month's textbook tying fly: the Missionary


Giant rainbows in Patagonia

Let's talk Tenkara

Dave Southall explains how to set up for tenkara

The golden shoots of recovery

Colin MacLeod opens up his saltwater season

Friendly Faces!

We join up with the Angling Club of the Month: the Salford Friendly Anglers Society

Salmon on the inside track

How the salmon fisher can succeed in flood conditions

Essential steps for the Highland jig

Allan Liddle adapts the Euro Nymph approach to suit northern rivers


You could win an Atomsix rod in this month's quiz!

The Usual Suspects

Plus all your usual favourites; Tackle Bag, Bruce Sandison, Gordon Mackie, Last Cast and plenty more!


September 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Weight-Four it!

Brian Harris talks us through the advantages of fishing with light line gear

Go with the Glo

Neil Patterson explains why he uses orange to imitate the blue-winged olive

Angling Club of the Month

Meet the anglers of the Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Low down tricks

Dave Riding takes his cue from early authors on ways to entice salmon in low water conditions

Clever Daddy

Mike Duxbury looks upon the annual cranefly fall as the Midland's very own Mayfly hatch

Sherry sundowners

Dave Wiltshire fishes a 'just under' fly after a hot day and enjoys a tremendous evening's sport!

When the wind ain't a-blowin!

A flat calm doesn't have to spell the end for hill loch fishing says Mark Bowler

A song of water and fire

In his 'floating line only' season, Charles Jardine offers Ravensthorpe's summer rainbows his firey red dry fly

The Red Baron - the Daphnia ace

In September's Textbook Tying, Mick Huffer demonstrates Steve Parton's pattern for daphnia feeders

Fancy pigeon?

George Barron explores the uses for under-utilised wood pigeon feathers

The Meaning of Life

Dave Southall teaches ways to add essential life to flies

Your usual favourites!

All the regular features, including: Bruce Sandison, Chris Sandford, News, Reviews and Last Cast!


August 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Pollack from the rocks!

Top sport on Scotland's west-coast


It's a grilse magnet!


We're on target with the anglers of the Dart Angling Association

Pack the wool!

A tying gem from the South American alpaca

Dour delight

Mark Bowler considers the dreaded, yet full of potential, 'dour loch'

Round up!

We hear from the Judge of this year's Fly Tying League

Always take the heather with you

Chris James capitalises on the heather fly fall

Anchor a-weight!

Neil Patterson bends the rules (and a hook!)

Hail Caesar!

Pay a visit to the gin-clear rivers of western Slovenia; the Julian Alps

Fly fishing heaven

What if heaven was a casting paradise? Find out in Last Cast!

Best of the Rest!

All your usual favourites: reviews, news, Bruce Sandison, Chris Sandford and much, much more!


July 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Incy-wincy: Endrick Spider

Learn how the Endrick Spider first came into being, with John Harwood's fascinating history

Cathedral City

July's Angling Club of the Month: Durham City Angling Club

Bristling with salmon triggers

Mick Huffer ties a modern variation of the Kate

Tick, tick...boom

A timely warning on the dangers of Lyme Disease

The best £8.50 ever spent...

Andrew Giffiths shows us the value of fly sampling

The turning of the squirm

Dave Southall presents the Squirmy Worm

Float on

A new challenge for Charles Jardine: one whole season using only a floating line

Buzzers with a pulse

Dave Wiltshire adds pulsating life to his Buzzer Pupa bodies

The 'other' Blackwater

Gardiner Mitchell visits Ireland's 'other' Blackwater...it's full of surprises!

Power up the poke

A simple method for adding distance to a Single Spey cast


You could win a set of Craghoppers new anti-midge fishing clothing!

The Usual Suspects

All your favourite regulars: Chris 'Iron Man' Sandford, Bruce Sandison, Magnus' reviews and much, much more!


June 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Bumper Special!

As we look back on 25 years of FF&FT we look back at the last 25 years of fly fishing in an extra 16 page supplement!

The long Conn

Ally Gowans knows a place...the beautiful Lough Conn

Look out yellow!

Gwilym Hughes observes the yellow May dun hatch very closely

Prime time for a pike

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds targets post spawning pike

New world classic

Charles Jardine fishes a traditional pattern in a modern era in Sketchbook

Hiking to sea trout

A river devoid of fish in 1990 is now well worth a visit

Snatch the hatch!

Learn the golden rule for Snatcher fishing with Allan Liddle

Brown Sugar

Mick Huffer ties a Matuka nymph/lure for stillwater trout

Just the dung thing!

Dave Wiltshire has a pattern to cash in on a breezy day near livestock

Big Bad

A Norwegian green-bodied salmon pattern...the wolf!

A quarter century of FF&FT!

Celebrate FF&FT's 25th Anniversary by ordering your limited edition mug!

The Usual Suspects

All the usual favourites, including Tackle Bag, Chris Sandford, Bruce Sandison and Last Cast


May 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Kick Start!

George Barron explains his addiction to legs on wet flies

Over the wall

This month's cunning cast shows you how to cope with fishing long leaders or weighted flies off a dam wall

Fish'n'teering: Part Three

Find out how to work out a hill-loch's potential both using a map and when fishing it

The French Perfection

Jeremy Lucas enjoys fishing the chalkstreams of Northern France - just a train journey away!

The Hairy Hotchkiss

Find out how to tie this Guide fly with our very own Chris Sandford

Hi-Viz Business!

Dave Southall demonstrates ways to increase the visibility of dry flies on the water

Sensational Sidmouth

Dominic Garnett takes us to the Byes of Sidmouth for some picturesque fishing

Cure for crest tails

A top tip from Allan Liddle shows you how to make crest feathers as Mayfly tails AND how to make them more robust

A Man May Fish

Meet Colin 'Puck' Kirkpatrick, the artist, fisherman and all-round outdoor enthusiast from Orkney

Mighty McGinty

The McGinty, one of Ernest Hemingway's favoured flies and Neil Patterson's too!

Suspended Animation

Mick Huffer ties a miniature Booby-style nymph

Mixing it

Dave Riding shows you how to tie a mixed wing salmon fly quickly and inexpensively

Get close to the new generation

Charles Jardine creeps in close with a Generation Dun

Sunny days, where have you gone?

Dave Wiltshire shows us the Stormy May, perfect for a May downpour

The Usual Suspects

All your favourite monthly features, Tackle Bag, Bruce Sandison, news, Stillwater Scene and a poetic Last Cast


April 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Get in step with the Riverdancer, a fly that can be fished from spring through to autumn.

The Imitation Game...fishing

Crack the invisible code with Dave Southall: how to identify 'invisible' insects

The Wizard in drab clothes

Mick Huffer ties an understated wet fly

Dances with fly rods

Charles Jardine shares Roman Moser's tips on the oval cast

Early to rise

Dave Wiltshire demonstrates an emerger-style dressing for that first rise of the season

Spectacular Spectra!

Learn about the fly that brought Colin MacLeod brilliant results in his forays last year

Permit on the Yucatan road

Neil Patterson reveals the secret of fishing the white sand beaches of Yucatan

Fly for coarse

Read the report of the annual Fly for Coarse competition

Sheelin good

Mark Wilson charts the recovery of Ireland's Lough Sheelin

Brilliant BFFI

Take a look at all the best snapshots from this year's BFFI

Set your compass for wild trout

Fish'n'teering: part 2. Mark Bowler explains how to prepare for as successful fish'n'teering trip

Poachers beware

Mike Handyside takes us through the legal position for anglers who encounter poaching


Win a limited edition ArcticSilver rod in this month's quiz!

Angling Club of the Month

Roe Angling Ltd take centre stage

The Usual Suspects

All your favourite regular features, including Tackle Bag, In the Net, Sandison's Scotland and Mark Bowler's column


March 2015


Sultans of Swing!

Don't be in Dire Straits while fishing pool necks - use a feather wing

Thai me a river!

Head deep into the Thai jungle with David Popp to fish Mahseer

Size doesn't matter

Colin MacLeod discovers that nymphs and wet flies can be highly effective for bass

This is where the magic happens

FF&FT readers share pictures of their fly tying spaces

Hot Grub

Dave Wiltshire shows four different ways to incorporate hot spots

Working late on Lough Leane

Every Thursday Brian McGarvey heads to Lough Leane once work is finished

New Wave Grayling

Charles Jardine offers the Allwater fly in portraying the grayling revolution

Nail those curves

Learn two different techniques for curving feathers with Magnus Angus

Head for the hills!

Mark Bowler talks us through fish'n'teering - a unique way to fish

Red Holographic number-Cruncher

Textbook Tying shows the fly for when trout go deep

The results are in...

Round Four of the Fly Tying League kicks off and we have the leaderboard from round one

The best of the rest!

Enjoy your usual favourites: Tackle Bag, On the Bench, Angling Club of the Month, Chris Sandford, Bruce Sandison and loads more!


February 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Handmade without a vice

Meet Ken Middlemist who has been tying flies by hand his entire life

Why so serious?

Dave Wiltshire shares the Joker - a fly to stir up winter grayling

Shaken, not stirred.

Midge, Martini Midge. Licence to thrill with Neil Patterson

Doctor of the Stillwater nymph

Adrian Freer explores Dr Bell of Blagdon's legacy

Trout under the microscope

Dave Southall fishes micro-flies for memorable fish

Giants in Finlandia

David Wolsoncroft Dodds heads to Finland in search of huge saltwater pike

Moorhen spider in free-fall

A fly to fish slow and deep with Charles Jardine

Spell-bound in the Sperrins

David Spencer enjoys a prize trip to the Sperrins

The Ginger Persuader

Mick Huffer takes us through how to tie this tip-top fly

Round Three!

The Fly Tying League third round kicks off with the Beacon Beige

Angling Club of the Month

Barford and Burcombe Fishing clubs shows us what they're all about

...and the best of the rest

Your favourite regular features: Tackle Bag, Sandison's Scotland, Chris Sandford and loads more!


January 2015

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Hidden in plain sight

Neil Patterson heads to Iceland for some salmon fishing

A year in the land that time forgot

Roger Smith finds excellent wild fishing all year round in the footsteps of Cosmo Wright

Welsh Dragons

Colin Macleod lands a perosnal best and a UK record mullet

Ceramic Nymph Heaven!

A special kind of nymph for a special kind of fish...

The Fly Fisher's library

A comprehensive look at the books all fly fishers should read with Malcolm Greenhalgh

Soft as Silk

On a quest for perfect presentation, Dave Southall turns back the clock

The other pheasant tail

How to tie the Cove Nymph - as as this month's novice Fly Tying League pattern

A bird in the hand

Charles Jardine softens up tension to improve delivery of the cast

From inside for the outside

Discover the prison where vices are put to good use

Sink and Swim for choosy trout

Mick Huffer demonstrates his Bug-Bond Damsel

Christmas Crossword!

Win limited edition books by Frank Sawyer!

From little acorns...

Andrew Herd's obsession with fly tying materials gets serious


You could with a Snowbee wading set in this month's quiz!

The best of the rest!

All your favourite regular features, including Tackle Bag, On the Bench, Mike Harding and much, much more!


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