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December 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Kick-start winter grayling

Dave Wiltshire adds rubber legs to his grayling nymphs

Lakers on the line

Head for northern Manitoba to fish for predatory trout with David Wolsoncroft-Dodds

Burning up the Spey

Learn to tie the Kinermony Killer with Allan Liddle

The worm turns

Colin MacLeod's fishing season is saved by a single fly

It's back!

The fly tying league returns for another year – with some great prizes on offer

Fish live in trees

Bankside trees are vital to aquatic life says Dave Southall

On my Christmas list is...

Your gift guide for the fisherman in your life this Christmas

Small fry, big punch

Mike Duxbury hits on a simple solution to a fry feeding challenge

Hunter gatherer?

Mike Harding praises the almighty Rotundus, God of a Friday night takeaway

Prawn cracker

Learn to tie this lifelke and exciting prawn imitation

What's in it for us?

Editor Mark Bowler takes a look at the recently published wild fisheries review

The Usual Suspects

All your favourite features: Tackle Bag, Sandison's Scotland, In the Net, the quiz and much, much more!


November 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Quest for a 4ft salmon

Ted Logardt fishes four salmon rivers in three days in the quest for a 4ft salmon

Cased Caddis Jig Nymph

Dave Wiltshire shows a tie to use for the obstinate grayling

Death in the estuary

Malcolm Greenhalgh charts the rise of the cormorant

Just keep fishing

Is fishing good for you? David Beanland finds out the scientific answer

Show-stopper Popper

A simple, easy-to-use and deadly adaptation of a proven nymph that is turning the heads of trout and anglers alike

Species safari

How many species can you catch on a fly in just one day? Dominic Garnett finds out

Snow Bug

Neil Patterson introduces a fly designed for cold-hearted grayling – and hot-headed trout

The South of the South

Chris Paris takes a dream trip to New Zealand to fish the Southland

Last of the summer wine

Read about the spectacular fishing on offer at Draycote reservoir

The wind began to howl

A look at the devastation caused by last winter's storms on the south coast

Stone me!

Dave Southall offers dry fly patterns to imitate the adult Stonefly

Regular Features

All the regular favourites, including Mike Harding, In the Net, Tackle Bag and loads more!


October 2014


True colours

How do fish perceive our flies underwater?

Postcard from Spain

Discover another dimension to the Mediterranean family holiday

Fishing after independence

Mark Bowler explores what independence could hold for fly fishing in Scotland

When copper turns to autumn gold

Learn how to tie the Copper Tom that will tempt salmon all season

A Man May Fish

Meet Merlin Unwin, angler and publisher

Oh Vienna!

History, architecture, opera and culture aside - Vienna has some great chalkstream fishing to enjoy

On the bench

Take a look at what Magnus Angus has on the bench this month

100 hours in the Highlands

Head into the wild with Alan Liddle, fishing the waters above Loch Maree

Salmon on a Nymph

Using a nymph for salmon is far more than just a 'minor tactic'...

Parachute in a pile of slack

The technique behind a cast that puts slack line between you and your target.

A shining beacon at the back end

As autumn looms, Dave Wiltshire opts for his more generic Corixa pattern, which can also suggest a fry


We have SIX Daiwa jackets in a different styles to give away in our October quiz


September 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Wulff it!

Salmon on the dry fly in Newfoundland

Muddler genius

Quick, no fuss, no mess, collared heads

Daddy's little secret

An unsinkable imitation with an irresistible body

Tall tails from the keeper

Observations of a river-keeper leads to a different style of dry fly

My World Cup diary

A football-hater enjoys a great month's fishing

Losing our integrity?

Views on the diploid v triploid stocking debate

Nottinghamshire's wild browns

Bow-and-arrow casts in Robin Hood country

Peter Fluck's Spitting Images

Meet the cartoon satirist who ties flies to characterise public figures

Sexy underwear

Alluring mullet flies to hang from a 'washing line'

A hero in adversity

The fly John Goddard turned to when the going got tough

Latest British reel

All the latest gear reviews

Below stairs

Chalkstream nymphing's deeper secrets

Carp take the biscuit

20lb specimens on a deer-hair fly

Glowing in the gloaming

A sea trout fly with a spark


August 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


The solution for when trout 'come short' or feed on tiny items.

Hide and seek

A guided clear-water chalkstream nymphing session.

Keep calm, and fish on

Flies and tactics to conquer trout feeding in a calm lane.

Gold on a budget

Allan Liddle's poor man's guide to Shetland.

Clyde-style on the lochside

How to adapt the sparse Scottish wet-fly style for stillwaters.

Pit-stop carping

Meets the maestro who stalks gravel-pit carp with a fly.

Seven deadly sedges

George Barron's clutch of favourite caddis patterns for lakes.

King of the claret

Robert Gillespie shows us how to tie Ireland's top autumn Shrimp.

Recipe for summer sippers

Dave Wiltshire's half Gnat, half Ant suits a fall of either.

Trout on the bounce

Learn how to get extra drag-free drift of a dry fly.

Bend-back Minnow

Tie the fly purpose-built for weed

New spin on spinners

Neil Patterson takes a fresh look at spinner representations.

Classics in the news

Kelson materials to be auctioned.

In the Net

Ingenious fold-over Gummies, fibetts and fulgent fibres all reviewed.

Win a vice and Metz cape

Peak rotary vice and Grade 1 capes to be won!


July 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Going for a classic

Meet the man who prefers to fish classic feather-winged singles for salmon.

Clyde-style masterclass

How to tie and fish the ultra-sparse Scottish flies.

Highly charged Buzzer

Charles Jardine's visit to Pitsford required deep nymphing tactics, and a purpose-built Pupa.

Vertical take-off

Charles Jardine's simple twist to make a Steeple Cast easier and more effective.

10 ways to sneak under the radar

Catch more fish before you make a cast.

Where do anglers go…

... when the finally hang up their waders? asks Mike Harding.

Donegal's got it all

Tony King goes on a short break to catch all three of our main game fish species.

Best of Brittany

Experience the quality wild fishing offered by the north-west tip of France.

How to choose a great leader

What are the essential characteristics of a good fly-line to fly junction?

Angling club of the month

North Yorkshire's Richmond DAS.

Big fly, big fish

Chris Ogborne has proved that this old formula certainly works for bass.

Trout in glides take the Biscuit

How to tie a part spinner, part caddis for the evening rise.

Do the late-night locomotion

How Dave Wiltshire adds extra movement to his Caddis imitations.


4 Patagonia Stormfront packs to be won!


June 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

A holy trinity of dries for the Dales

The time's ripe for these three dry flies for the Yorkshire rivers

In Nelson's footsteps

The club that's re-vitalised the river on which the hero of Trafalgar once cast

Lose less flies in trees!

How to perfect the side-cast so your fly goes under the branches... and not into them!

Master the mini-tube for salmon

The subtle techniques to get the best from small nylon mini-tubes on flat water.

Pint-sized piking on your doorstep

There's bound to be a predatory sporting option for you just around the corner

Hunt the wildies of the chalkstreams

The truly wild trouting that runs through Hampshire, Wiltshire and east Dorset.

Tie three of Ireland's best

Flies that performed well throughout Ireland last season.

Join the quest for Alaska's king

An adventure to connect with the king salmon on fly.

A blue-winged olive secret

The strange case of the b-wo hatch and the colour purple.

The new tool from the Petitjean stable

An innovative piece of kit for stacking is reviewed.

How to turn beads on their heads

A simple trick to invert gold-head beads so you catch the bottom less!

Nymphing 'just under'

A tactic to present your flies for those days when trout 'come short' at the surface.

Algal bloom? Call for the Silver Doctor

Tie the wet fly to get you out of all sorts of difficult situations.

Travel vice tops £1500!

Why this relatively recent travel vice is fetching £1,500.

One step to movement & motion

Imitating the 'vivacious' action of the damselfly nymph with one material.


May 2014


Low down, dirty, and deep

3 tried-and-tested techniques for early season rivers

When the Corrib gets tough ...

Martyn Haines thought his Mayfly fishing had been ruined by the weather, but alternative hatches made his holiday

The secrets to casting into the wind

Charles Jardine shows us

Paddling into wilderness

Anthony Glasgow uses a canoe to access the rarely fished lochs of Scotland’s hinterland

Superior to the Atlantic salmon

Game on! Peter McMullan says the steelhead that run British Columbia’s rivers in early spring are powerful adversaries

Welcome to Apache country

Frank Moors ties his Atomic Apache and relates just how far this salmon pattern has come in the last few years

A man may fish

Bruce Sandison meets the remarkable Orri Vigfusson, champion of international salmon politics, and keen salmon fisher

The dark side

Colin MacLeod, finds night fishing in the sea is highly rewarding

When ‘duffers’ become ‘difficult’

Dave Wiltshire dresses an ingenious Spent Spinner for wily trout late in the Mayfly feast

Top cat

Sean Jones has discovered an effective natural dubbing – from his tabby cat

A Dabbler for all seasons

Mick Huffer ties a wet fly with wide appeal that can be used in a variety of situations, from early season to late

The Sutton Bingham Sting

Charles Jardine says that early season on this Westcountry reservoir can often mean tackling fry feeders, and he has an ingenious Minkie pattern for the job

Secret jewels

The wet winter will mean Gordon Mackie can explore the exciting and productive fishing of the ‘lesser’ chalkstreams this season

Draw the curtain on spends

After the BFFI, Mike Harding and his wife have decided to call a truce on domestic spending

Sandford’s creel

Chris ties a convincing, iridescent Beetle


April 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Blue fury

John Stephens investigates the increasingly popular, super-charged blue trout at Bewl Water

Loch Shin and beyond

John Griffiths packs his tent and trout rod to hike into the Sutherland wilderness

Tackling the Ridge

Mark Bowler fishes the dawn shift on Ireland’s famous Ridge Pool on the Moy at grilse time

Cunning casts

Tips to turn you into a better angler – Charles Jardine's new series

Tame the Tay

Ally Gowans’ big-river springer tips

Tie the Mayfly with the golden touch

Mick Huffer ties John Goddard’s Poly May Dun, one of today’s most extensively used Mayfly imitations

Cicada sunrise

Chris Cullen says there’s nothing more exciting than to hear the shrill song of this terrestrial.

A dry that’s stoatally different

Neil Patterson introduces a new tying concept designed for movement

Bagging a tasty nymph

Jack Wilson makes juicy nymphs from fruit and veg bags

Zulu dawn

Anthony Glasgow says this classic fly can be adapted to cover all eventualities

Ellerdine and the Enigma

Charles Jardine’s new series considers a special fly, and describes how and where it is best used

Large, dark and civilised

Lunchtime, opening day. Dave Wiltshire gives us his dry fly for early river success

A palliative PB

Colin MacLeod is rewarded with a personal best mullet – a fly-caught 7-pounder

Mo The Lawn pays his last respects

Mike Harding encounters a couple of fly-tying gangsters in Fat Sam’s Speakeasy

A tangled web

Mark Bowler says take care when ordering your rod licence online

Becks and the raven's call

Danny Calderbank discovers the rich trouting of Cumbria’s streams

Angling club of the month

Bruce Sandison meets Derbyshire County AC which has some of the country’s best fishing


March 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Go Rusty in March

Roman Moser says it's the best colour for early river nymphs

Solo and slow

Over-wintered fish on the Magic Buzzer

Grub’s up!

Henk van Bork ties the mid-19th century classic, the Usk Grub, for today

Midge-fishing wrinkles

“I often impart a little drag to the dry fly” – John Goddard

The best of Irish

The top-performing rivers of Ireland during 2013

Opening day flies

Entice on your first cast

Dry for the rough and the smooth

Mick Huffer dresses his Hopper which can draw up trout in any conditions

Fast-water Worm

Colin MacLeod charts the successes of his Flexible Fiend

Roamin’ in the Glomma

Neil Patterson travels to Norway in his quest for a 4lb grayling

Fly fishers prefer red-heads

Ways to add extra attraction to your patterns

The mysteries of Morar

Britain’s deepest loch is also one of the Highlands’ best kept fishing secrets

Clearly different

Mark Bowler says the lesser known limestone lough of Carra has riches to offer

Down to the wire

Mark Bowler says that rather than hook-wire can determine a fly’s success

It's an ill wind …

… not always, says Charles Jardine, who pin-points the benefits

The Commander’s first cast

Neil Patterson gives the fly to eke out a trout on those days when nothing seems to happen

Winchester legacy

Gordon Mackie recalls two great men of the Itchen

The early bird gets the worm

Mike Harding reflects on a seemingly endless close season


February 2014


Perfect Foyle

Stillwater fly-fisher Martin Williamson experiences the salmon and trout fishing on the Foyle system

The 6 deadly Plume Tips

Jeremy Lucas gives us six variations of his Plume Tip – the dry fly that catches 90% of his fish

Seducing the ladies

Charles Jardine gets close to a grayling shoal to work out the best approach

Afloat in the remote

Dominic Garnett says taking a float-tube to a hill loch gives access to virgin water – the problem is getting it there

Let the force of the Dark Lord be with you

Mick Huffer ties a remarkably effective wild trout mini-Muddler pattern

Parachute perfection

Neil Patterson gives us a design that’s got legs

Slack-water specialist

Robert Gillespie says this fly is unparalleled when targeting grilse in slower flows

Austria's prince of rivers

Your ticket to the famous Traun and tributaries

Small fry, big attraction

An all-action mini-Zonker

Putting reality back into youth

Moc Morgan investigates how a small club is persuading youngsters to pick up a fishing rod

“Keep stoning her”

… and other 100-year old predictions made about our fly fishing are investigated by Malcolm Greenhalgh

The Pinocchio effect

Mark Bowler says that the kypes of male spawning fish are leading to misleading weight estimates

My flexible fiend

Colin MacLeod’s devastating new saltwater pattern for faster currents and deeper lying fish

Gold, warm AND handsome

Henk van Bork illustrates the dressing of the mixed-wing salmon fly, the Dunkeld

Wake up call

Gordon Mackie stalks New Year chalkstream grayling

The year of the Nosalmon

Mike Harding gazes into 2014 to see what the future might bring …

A man may fish, no.12

Meet the Irish dentist whose love of wild fishing lead him to become a leading light in protecting fisheries


January 2014

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Extra-time tactics

Charles Jardine shows how to capitalise on the winter fry feeders

Seasonal Bugging secrets

Casting and tying tips from Wales for deep-river nymphs, courtesy of Gwilym Hughes

Glenda Powell – Irish casting champion

Daire Whelan asks how she became hooked on fishing, and about her new role in 2014

Get that gut-feeling

Tie the juiciest nymphs with cat-gut

Head north

Fish New Zealand's least pressurised river-systems

Lake District high

Climb, camp and cast

It's Crunch-time!

Magnus Angus demonstrates how to tie this popular nymph

Buoyant Bibio – the trout's moveable feast

Charles Jardine says that, unlike most dry flies, movement is the key to the Buoyant Bibio’s success

Rule the waves …

… with the Super Sedge. Mick Huffer demonstrates Tom Saville’s clever fly

No comfort from Joy

Mark Bowler urges anglers to decline farmed salmon this Christmas as fish-farm sea lice comes home to roost

A sting in the tail

Colin MacLeod hooks a surprise from the beach … a British first on fly?

Father’s favourite

Henk van Bork ties a favourite fly of his, Kelson’s Black Fancy from 1875, which still looks good on a leader today

Black pall over Yorkshire grayling

Dave Southall pin-points cormorant predation in grayling decline

Professor of weed

Neil Patterson tweaks a chalkstream dry fly to cope with heavily weeded stream

Festive codeword

Crack our code to win a Christmas present

Better at wielding the handbag

Mike Harding discovers Thatcher was a handy fisher-woman

Tenkara on a high

Carl Dixon finds a tenkara outfit is perfect for tackling the mountain streams of south-west Ireland

Fifty years on

Gordon Mackie explains how natural remedies breathe new life into southern rivers


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