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December 2013


Heavy metal in wild water

Charles Jardine’s solution to getting more life into flies fished on deep rigs

Bay of plenty

Mark Bowler finds exciting saltwater action on the doorstep of a popular family holiday destination in Florida

No-tangle droppers

Brian Harris divulges his new rig for ultra-long dry fly links

Tungsten-tipped Buzzers

John Goddard summarises his tactics, set-ups and tips for fishing these imitations deep

A day is the life

For Bruce Sandison, Loch Caladail is the jewel in the Durness limestone

Tie Ireland's No.1 salmon fly

Robert Gillespie demonstrates how to tie the salmon fly that every Irishman is using at the moment

The prince of fly fishers?

Terry Lawton investigates why GS Marryat enjoyed a massive reputation as a fly fisher

Turning copper into gold

Charles Jardine has found that tweaking the Copper John has made it highly attractive to trout and grayling

Aspects of aprés fishing

Mike Harding muses over where to go fishing next year

Kennet retrospect

Gordon Mackie traces the hidden source of this chalkstream

Sea trout release

Charles Dutton explains why he’s against the Annan Board’s decision to impose total catch-and-release for sea trout

NRW gnashes its gums

Mark Bowler welcomes Fish Legal taking on the environmental regulator

Natural born killer

Dominic Garnett fishes with the man behind the Kennick Killer dressing to get the inside story

Current activity

Colin MacLeod uses the pull of the tide to tempt bass to his flies

Major Grant's Spey fly

Henk van Bork illustrates tying Spey-style with James Grant’s jungle-cock winged fly

Gold-ribbed opportunity

A chance for beginners to launch their fly-tying with confidence … and a competition

Grab the trout’s attention

… with the Juicy Lucy, says Mick Huffer, who demonstrates the many ways he uses it

It's got to be … imperfect

When the weather gets bad, Neil Patterson ties the Low Slung Dun


November 2013


Casting a-head for salmon

Robert Gillespie offers tips on how to Spey cast your shooting heads like a competition distance caster

Goddard's JG Emerger

How to bring out the magic in this special fly which has taken the chalkstreams by storm

How to read a freestone river

Charles Jardine illustrates how to read a river so you can make the most of fishing it

Zander at 40ft

Dominic Garnett uncovers an unusual but deadly method from Rutland for the deep-lying predator

When insects are not enough

Roman Moser says now is the time when big fish turn to eating small ones, and has a great, adaptable pattern for rivers and stillwater

Jungle warfare in the North Yorks moors

Dave Southall divulges a magical fishery which challenges casting and fishing skills to the utmost

The changing face of fly fishing

Peter Lapsley reflects on how much fly fishing has changed over his lifetime

A touch of flash

Magnus Angus gives two ways of adding an extra hint of flash to salmon flies

The O'Donoghue

Henk van Bork details how the once-popular Donegal classic salmon fly is tied utilising easily obtainable materials

River monsters

Colin MacLeod heads to south Wales to tackle big mullet in a tidal river


Malcolm Greenhalgh says that the big game fairs are losing their way with fly fishers


Neil Patterson gives two of Peter Lapsley

One-in-a-million Spinner

This year

The domino effect

Mike Harding debates trout intelligence in his local

Guy Fawkes grayling

When grayling lie low, Gordon Mackie turns to the Netheravon approach

Linesides in the limelight

Night fishing for predatory snook under Florida

A licence to kill

Mark Bowler sees Fish Legal

Angling club of the month

Bruce Sandison says Ogmore Angling Association


October 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Dry flies and roaring stags

it's when the autumn wind dies that signals the best sport, says Allan Liddle

Gateway to Eden

Carlisle AA has been providing fishing that's "second to none" for locals for 160 years

Quick-fix for autumn sticklebackers

Tie a wet fly for low light, autumn marginal feeders

The trail to Mayan silver

Mark Bowler heads to Mexico for opportunity, variety, and has tips for seeking the 'Holy Grail'

The ladies' prerogative

Vincenzo Penteriani believes fly pattern alone is not always responsible for a grayling refusal

Four tactics for straight-line nymphing

Charles Jardine describes four ways to present buzzers slow and static from a boat on the drift

Mayo's 350 salmon per year lough

Alastair Gowans has an all-action time at an Irish club lough with a prolific salmon catch-record

The central pillar

Mark Bowler recalls the life and writing of the late Peter Lapsley

The fly we don't talk about

Nadica and Igor Stancev

Shaping up for shrimp success

Dave Wiltshire has a purpose-built design for slower flowing streams

The red post

A bait-fisher helps Colin Macleod track down the hard-fighting golden grey mullet

Mighty things from small beginnings

A tale from Chuffem Hall

Mike Harding discovers an unpublished novel by well-known angler, Jane Austen

Daytime daddy snack

Neil Patterson introduces his fly to pull up fish when fly hatches are zero

Adapting to shoal behaviour

Gordon Mackie describes how best to approach a shoal of autumn grayling

The foam and rubber diet

Charles Jardine describes how an American style dry fly lured a memorable wild brown trout for him

Angling carries weight

Ken Whelan reports on Ireland

Room for manoeuvre?

Ireland's politicians at loggerheads over massive Galway Bay salmon farm proposal


September 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Tactical switch

Considering the fly choice a modern salmon fisher is faced with

10 classic trout lochs

Mark Bowler talks to Bruce Sandison about 30 years of his game fishing directory, and asks him for his top 10 'must-fish' locations

Get to the point!

Tactics for the perfect buzzer location

Strange but true

Catching chub on a Wasp

4 Daddies for all weathers

Subtle variations for September's conditions

Sea trout yomp

Fish the wild rivers of the Falklands

Ghost buster

Colin MacLeod ties a tasty slater for mullet (and bass)

The joys of spooning

Trout eat the strangest things. Adrian Freer reveals the more unusual items found in his marrow spoon

Food for thought

Peter Lapsley sets out his moral and practical reservations about competitive fly fishing

Checks and balances

Should fisheries exercise tight controls, or allow free rein with grayling?

Chug, chug, wallop!

Introducing the Chug, a fly to excite trout and even grilse

Lobster on the menu

Brian Harris' pattern to tempt trout locked onto our ever-expanding population of signal crayfish

Chile's great escape

A different hemisphere, a different outlook on fish farms. Ken Whelan reports

Colourful, complex Raymond

A complicated tie, says Mick Huffer, but worth it if you fish in Ireland

Confucius say

Mike Harding believes whale suppers are just around the corner


August 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Master a spate river (whatever the weather)

Tips for tides, time, tackle and tactics

Why Roger Daltrey's lakes are still rocking

Trees and deep water holding areas mean this rock-legend

How to conquer the dimpling rise

Dave Wiltshire enthuses about the power of the tiny fly

Turn-on sea trout

Seduce with our red-headed wet fly

Old masters discovered

A remarkable insight into 19th century Irish flies

Explore Assynt with rod, boots and tent

Going under canvas to enjoy the remote lochs of Scotland

The Little Green Stick Fly

Charles Jardine gets a sharp reminder of this fly

The aura of life

Neil Patterson turns to a 16th century artist for the inspiration behind his Slimy Sue Damsel

DNA Livebait

Colin MacLeod ties a bass fly which is gaining a lethal reputation

A lad may fish

Moc Morgan meets 10-year-old Richard Ricketts

Keep it simple

Peter Lapsley investigates game angling tuition in England and wonders if we

Chase the dace

Dominic Garnett says this lightning-quick fish will sharpen your reflexes

From cow dung with love

Where there

All fish are slippery

Mike Harding is worried about health and safety impinging on his fishing


July 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Connemara charm

Ally Gowans explores the Cashla system in Connemara

10 key tips to fish-spotting

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds has learned the hard way how to sight-fish effectively. Here he advises how we can train ourselves

Entice bored salmon with the Sunray Shadow

Hints, tips, knots and mounts

How to tackle it today (includes a map showing the best drifts)

Grease your tippet!

Peter Hayes argues that a floating tippet is far less visible to fish, contrary to popular (and modern) dogma

Ready for inspection

A style of fly dressing which allows dries to act with more natural attitude at the surface, and to be presented without a large hook masking the imitative deception

Diamond Fry for the side-swipe

Charles Jardine recalls a superb, animated fry pattern from the vice of the late Steve Parton

The great red herring

Neon Reynolds believes total catch-and-release fosters problems for owners and tenants, and doesn

The road-map to oblivion

Mark Bowler questions how planning a map for fish-farm development benefits wild fish interests?

Drift not drag

Neil Patterson demonstrates his free-drifting Midge Pupa for when the Suspender Buzzer drags

A Bronks tale

Peter Lapsley meets the chair of the S&TA, Richard Bronks, and asks him about the challenges his organisation faces

Olive signals

George Barron

Chuck: fluff

Mike Harding wonders what if everyone caught the fishing bug?


June 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Mayfly success

Peter Lapsley passes on some Mayfly knowledge which can help contribute to a magical time

Master the Snake Roll

The most spectacular cast made easy

Grafham's silver lining

How anglers have adapted to killer shrimps

60 untouched French rivers

Rory Batho uncovers brown trout fishing in the largely untouched Cantal region

Still game

Fly fishing with TV's Paul Young

High and dry for the 'high' lakes

A simple dressing from Brenig

Dangling on a wire

Neil Patterson turns his dry fly hook at right-angles to create the Dangler

Tactical fluorocarbon

The marked differences between leader materials

Mayfly battles in wildest Sussex

Brian Harris says the best Mayfly sport in the south comes to those who choose their imitation carefully

Reading the take

Charles Jardine illustrates how to read a take by studying the quarry's behaviour in detail

Advantage tenkara

In detailing the advantages of tenkara, Dave Southall expounds on some tactical tips for all trouters

Salmon fly with a legendary reputation

Mick Huffer ties the NessC and details how to fish it

Anti-snag Caddis

How to tie the Peeping Caddis with a difference

Bound by a single thread

Barry Ord Clarke relates the pros and cons of opting to use just one thread for all his fly tying

I don't Belivat!

Alan Liddle finally has access to a fabled loch

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie investigates the in-built survival capabilities of the Mayfly


May 2013


Catch a trophy

Charles Jardine

Shock salmon!

Snap to it

Cramped for room? Philip Maher and John Symonds demonstrate the coolest of casts to get you out of trouble

Midge-fest in the South Downs

Brian Harris says Sussex

Dun to make an impression

Andre Brun illustrates stage-by-stage how to tie a parachute like a pro, and uses it to good effect on his tiny claret and sepia duns

Trout with a taste of salt

Gardiner Mitchell fishes a Donegal lake which is influenced daily by the tide

What are they taking?

Oliver Edwards narrows down the choice to make upwing dun identification easier on our rivers

Countdown along the margins with the LLB(&O)B

Charles Jardine illustrates a small fly to entice the largest of trout

Point of view

Neil Patterson examines the origins of the upside-down Mayfly pattern

Trout in the clouds

Dominic Garnett shoulders his rucksack and heads into Snowdonia with one objective

Fly life: the way ahead

Peter Lapsley describes how and why a centre for entomological excellence has come about, and who's behind it

Sea trout? In Stamford?

Mark Bowler looks into the future implications for UK rivers of an ambitious project on the Welland

Repel all boarders

What Ireland

Life in the depths

Snap to it

Cramped for room? Philip Maher and John Symonds demonstrate the coolest of casts to get you out of trouble

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie explains how a swamp evolved into the chalkstreams


Winston Churchill


April 2013


Gift-wrapped Shrimp

Use decorative Organdie ribbon and uv-cure glue to create a simple, lifelike and devastating imitation

Daddy of the deep

Charles Jardine asks three stillwater experts how they fish Rob Spiller

Incomparable ...

... and indestructible. Neil Patterson focusses on the Comparadun

At the double

Instructors Philip Maher and John Symonds demonstrate the Double Spey and have tips to help you improve.

The final instar

Oliver Edwards melds gold beads with moulded legs to produce a super-realistic, deadly nymph

Where have all the flowers gone?

George Barron has four wet flies that will still draw the best wild fish, despite a lack of fly life

Tackling Buzzers with the Partridge & Mole

Mick Huffer

Bend those knees!

Tired of knotting legs? Jim Milne has an easy alternative

Crimson kings

Adrian Freer provides the tactics and flies to make more of the bloodworm

The importance of being Spiller

Charles Jardine uses Rob Spiller

After the gold rush

The true cost of

The Swale in spring

Robert Brown says the Swale is one of the best kept secrets of the Yorkshire Dales

How the Wye was won

Stephen Marsh-Smith charts the steps in the Wye

Master caster

Peter Lapsley talks to Scott MacKenzie about distance casting, salmon, flies and rod-building

Coming soon: Frankenfish

Mike Harding envisages a nightmare scenario

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie asks if

Seychelles escape

Magnus Angus fishes the flats around Kate and Will


March 2013


Strike gold!

Oliver Edwards wonders if the pulling power of the gold bead can be improved upon

John Goddard

His life, flies, legacy and tactics

Easy tube-fly fishing

Ally Gowans

Essex man seeks Pitt bull

Peter Willoughby travels to Vancouver, and finds a revered sporting game fish close by


George Barron says Wales

Quick change

Ad Swier shows us how to make a pike trace that makes switching flies easy

The Persuader

Charles Jardine adds a modern touch to a John Goddard classic stillwater fly

Sedge for spring

Neil Patterson introduces a dry fly to get early season trout springing into action

Lifting the curse

An unpublished article of John Goddard

Saving our salmon at sea

Ken Whelan reveals the potential dangers of the overlap between the commercial pelagic trawler fleets and the migratory paths of our salmon


Colin MacLeod

A box of Goddard legacies

Charles Jardine

Fighting for fishing

Peter Lapsley meets Martin Salter, the Labour MP who stood down to

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie bridges the cultural divide between game and coarse angling

50 shades of green

Mike Harding plots to catch his first Irish salmon with the aid of the magical Green Peter


February 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Master the mid-winter

How to tackle cold-river grayling

Don't pack up! ...

before you try this salmon fly

Shock tactics

Beat the mass-hatch with these stand-out flies

New ploy for small stream browns

Charles Jardine sketches a new small-stream approach from Montana

Make gossamer wings from cling-film

Gavin MacLean uses cling-film to create gossamer, veined, upwings

Total control with the perfect point fly

Everything an angler needs for the end of his cast

Tie the no-snag fly

Mick Huffer ties a double-weed guard pattern, specially designed to be cast into heavily vegetated lies

Fishermen take to the streets

Roderick O

Lemon Grey

Henk van Bork ties a classic favourite from Ireland

Spider trap

Chris Sandford finds imitating leggy creatures works both above and below the surface

Jam with a secret recipe

Stevie Munn pins his faith on this pattern for migratory fish

Grease Ball Midge

Neil Patterson introduces a midge design to overcome

Kashmir? Or Salford?

Mike Harding says that, when it comes to strange fly-fishing venues, he


January 2013

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Prince of the river

The Prince Nymph

Off to the Med?

Discover its hidden fishing secrets

The devil

Grab it by the horns! Leon Guthrie

How to fish on a wild windy day

George Barron gives his pointers for approaching a wild, windy day, and explains why he sometimes kicks convention into touch

The hi-vis Spinner

Tips to spot your fly at dusk

Post Tosh

A winning salmon fly (now with added extras)

Repel the invaders

Stuart Crofts says it

Swedish solution for trapped olives

Charles Jardine turns to a Nordic technique to crack a difficult hatch

The Krippled Klink

Neil Patterson

Angling club of the month

Bruce Sandison understands why Hawick Angling Club welcomes over 1,000 visitors every year

Bright ideas with the classical Professor

Mick Huffer dresses a fly well suited for bright, sunny days in spring


Blitzing bass and mackerel love to smash this fly, says Colin MacLeod

Black for browns

Oliver Edwards

Safety mat

How to stop losing hooks and beads, and prevent varnish spills

Silver Test

Henk van Bork ties a fly which became popular on the Test and later in Scotland

Stopping the shrimp

Mark Bowler says anglers have most to lose in the killer shrimp invasion; and he remembers Anne Voss Bark

Just for the Zen of it

Mike Harding says, sometimes, nothing else matters

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie seeks out the grayling's secret winter hideaways


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