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December 2011


The inbetweeners

Magnus Angus analyses the use of intermediate lines in the modern angler

Give grayling a tactical makeover

Sean Jones takes editor Mark Bowler on the Welsh Dee to try out European techniques and designs

Specialist dressing for low-water grilse

How best to tie and use the Green Machine for grilse

Pearl of the north

Mark Sandison

Discover Scotland's Foinaven's diamonds

The secrets of the wild hill lochs beneath NW Scotland's Foinaven Ridge revealed


Join us in our search for the world

Pure intoxication

A technique from Jeremy Lucas which allows the line to taper seamlessly into the leader

Bars, spits and rips

How best to use coastal topography to track down fish in The Solent, Chichester and Devon

Ready to rumble

Charles Jardine

Levelling at pike

The Somerset marshes are explored by an intrepid Chris Cullen, in search of pike on the fly

Fashion victim

Will the latest feather craze sweeping the USA affect our fly tying?


How to use ribbon to create dries and nymphs with a

Working with flash

Neil Patterson reveals how to give sedges and smuts an unfair advantage

Making hay in the autumn

Editor Mark Bowler comments on the salmon season extensions on the Dee, Tay and Annan

End of term report

4 valuable lessons and 4 valuable flies from Peter Lapsley

Dry fly and jelly-fry

George Barron discloses the best methods and flies to enjoy Wales

Elves and safety

Mike Harding selects his ideal Christmas gifts for the fly fisher

Stillwater scene

... as he announces his retirement, Willie Wilson talks to FF&FT about 50 years' service on Loch Leven


November 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


How to make the most of

Back up for salmon

The fly and tactic when all else fails

Killer Shrimp

The Killer Hare is an excellent imitation for the alien 'killer shrimp' of Grafham

Your ultimate team for the hills

George Barron

Holy Trinity

Jeremy Lucas gives a detailed account of the three stillwater styles of fly that he has come to rely on

The salmon are back!

Lough-style on Beltra

Record Leven trout

Michael MacKenzie tells us how he caught the biggest wild brown from Leven in 100 years - and the fly he used

Bringing angling to book

Charting the achievements of publisher and fisher, Timothy Benn

Waterhen Bloa

How to tie the North-country fly which is a,

Midnight special

Armed with rod and torch, Colin MacLeod ventures to England

The Searcher

Neil Patterson looks for a dry fly designed to locate invisible trout

Give us a clue

Ways to locate pike on large expanses of open water

Meadie majesty

Bruce Sandison

EA losing the plot?

Progress or propaganda? Editor Mark Bowler questions the EA

A fly called Jim

Mike Harding attempts to fathom the art of naming flies


The news that the seasons on the Annan and Tay have been extended by an extra two weeks this year has caused mixed emotions. Mark Bowler reports


October 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

12 fighting chances

How NOT to lose a fish of a lifetime

Salmon action on Ireland

Finn perfect!

Start fly tying now

15 pages of expert tips

Simple tweaks to transform your river flies

Jeremy Lucas explains how he

Sea trout ...

... why Falkus is wrong

Missing the flight

Are changes in insect behaviour partly responsible for the lack of fly life?

Peace & paradise

Bruce Sandison says that, when it comes to salmon fishing, everything about the River Borgie pleases him

The Fat Boy

The fly to fool tricky, heavyweight trout

One good tern

Colin MacLeod details how his mullet approach is becoming ever more reliable

Textbook Tying

Mick Huffer shows how to tie a hugely popular and versatile fly from New Zealand which has bags of potential for UK


Mike Duxbury says the late Arthur Cove

Feather tips

A guide to better tying, and a simple tool to help beginners

Why tie flies?

Peter Lapsley explores the satisfaction engendered by fly tying

The Fly &?Why - a fly for the dark

Charles Jardine

Phoarr, nice fly!

Mike Harding

Fog on the Tyne

Malcolm Greenhalgh is unconvinced by Peter Gray's new book on salmon hatcheries


September 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Loch monsters

How to

Secret Moy

Discover the prolific upper fly beats with

Daddy cool

...for when they ignore the realistic Crane fly

Funky chicken

The feather that

Giant rewards from little rivers

Opening up the world of small stream fly fishing

Chalking up success

2,000 members say "It's everyone's club"

Smooth operator

Tie the purpose-designed flat-calm Midge

The sum of the parts

Jeremy Lucas discusses the finer details of the successful fly fisher's terminal rig

Threadbare Buzzer

Tie the slimmest, easiest, no-thread pupae yet


A Frenchman

Winds of change

How sea breezes can be used to aid your coastal fly fishing

The Goat

Neil Patterson updates a traditional fly to sell itself completely to discriminating loch trout

Getting a buzz from fishing

Licenced to kill

Why is RSPCA

Pressure release

Irish trout fishers are going to have to change their attitude to brown trout if their wild fisheries are to prosper in the future

Fish before you die

Bruce Sandison explains why Loch Caladail has left a permanent etch in his memory


August 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Wild trout island

Orkney - where the big browns rise

A real Bobby Dazzler

The Angling Trust's Mark Lloyd showcases an exciting fly and surface tactic for unco-operative grilse

Nail daphnia feeders!

Tie the Nailer, the lure for high summer fishing for daphnia feeders, and which also doubles as a salmon fly

Cheap as chalk

Is the belief that fishing on the legendary chalkstream is the preserve of the super-rich? Chris Sandford puts it to the Test.

Mackerel hit-and-run

How to catch them on fly from a beach this summer

Eske back in the game

Improved habitat in this Irish gem has seen salmon and sea trout increase over the past few years

You should have read this column last month!

God is a woman and She hates fishermen

The rise and fall of the deep Buzzer

Charles Jardine fishes with Draycote

The S-Fly

Introducing the Shadow Sedge, the fly designed to leave other sedges in the shade

The Fly & Why

The Hare

Soldiers to the rescue

Andre Meigies devises a soldier beetle pattern for high summer

Mr Dick

A Mr Dick of Perthshire produced one of the best summer prospecting flies there is for trout and grayling

First-class delivery

The control of presentation is crucial to success. Jeremy Lucas explains why he is turning more and more away from British convention and doctrines

Looking ahead

Peter Lapsley visits Weir Wood to discover how lateral thinking can overcome many of the common fishery problems

Making the plunge

Neil Patterson gets down to solving the problem of getting down. His solution? It

No compromise

Wild fish interests need to play a strong hand in the forthcoming watershed salmon-farm debate

A view from the chalkstreams

Insects are booming in a new era of climate change and entomological discovery


July 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Ally Gowans tells how he unlocked a drought last year on the Cork Blackwater

10 easy ways to catch more

Hints on fishing more efficiently

The Thurso is bullish about the future

Short-lining the dry fly

Modern flies can be used to fish the summer drift lanes in

Sea trout tactics to make a difference

Wild about the Dart

Explore Southern England

Rod survey

10ft #7 fly rods are the most common outfits used in UK game angling. We gave 36 a thorough going over

The wild trout

The Palm-Ailes. Neil Patterson recommends a fly the professionals fish


The Invicta (Ladies Angling) Club; Hot properties; Letter(s) of discomfort

Can you eat it?

If not, says Mike Harding, what is the point of tribal ritualism masquerading as

The Fly & Why

The figure-of-eighted Pearly Invicta: why it brings results when confronted with the annual pin-fry hatch

Positively Deadly!

Chris Sandford was on the winning team at this year

Off the coast

Colin MacLeod begins his sea-fishing season by checking out Chichester Harbour, south Devon

Support your local

Peter Lapsley investigates the range of current problems facing those who run fisheries, and suggests how we can help them survive and thrive

Textbook Tying



June 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Which olive?

Claret, sooty, golden ... has eight patterns to cover the variety of lake olives that appear throughout the fly-fishing calendar

Salmon sink-tip tips

How sink-tips of various types can be used to cover salmon lies from late spring and onwards

Ghosts on the tide

Secret coastal spots for Irish sea trout

First Sintrix rod on test

Is Hardy's revolutionary material the future?

Sharp dresser

Use a quill stem to help you tie flies in the Clyde style

How to set up and cast the deadly leader-to-hand method


David Wolsoncroft Dodds explains how he refines his technique to hook more pike

The Sanctuary

how to tie and fish the Sanctuary, the preferred Hare

Dog days

Mike Harding recalls a day in a boat with man's best friend

Manna from heaven

Peter Lapsley prepares for summer's drop-in feast of terrestrial insects

Sitting pretty

When trout get fickle, Chris Sandford turns to an ingenious fly-tying technique to produce his No-hackle Mayfly Dun

The Fly & Why

The on-the-drop Swire Damsel


The ladies of St Serf

Out for a duck ... and a trout or two

The stunning wild brown trout fishing of northern Iceland

Fish before you die

Bruce Sandison explains why he is loyal to Loch Loyal

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie examines new research into how man can affect aquatic insect populations


May 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Summon up the Blood!

The key criteria involved in the fishing of an imitation Bloodworm

Nymphs direct

How to fish the deadly, modern leader-to-hand nymphing method

Better than the Moy?

The Owenmore in Mayo produced over a 1,000 salmon to the fly in 2010, and Rudy van Duijnhoven was there with his single-hander

Lines of business

Why there are so many types of sunk lines in the salmon fishing business

Steps to success

George Barron

Red-hot Spider

How to tie the Hot Pants, a sizzling pattern with buzzer-hatching trigger-points, and how to make the best of it as the season warms up


Answer six questions and you could be fishing for Icelandic trout, charr and salmon this August

The Fly & Why

How to tie and fish the just-under-the surface Greenwell Nymph

Go with the flow!

Chris Ogborne takes us kayak fly-fishing on an incoming tide, from rock headland to salt-marsh

Watch it!

Geoffrey Bucknall

Zimmer-framed Zorros?

Mike Harding questions the sense of anglers doing the EA

Mayfly, maps and mistakes

Peter Lapsley explores the Mayfly hatches of the British Isles, and has 8 patterns to trust

New-age Alder

Chris Sandford brings together modern materials and techniques to produce an Adult Alder that fish can't resist

Fish before you die

If you are near Edinburgh you must fish Gladhouse, especially as boats are now freely available

A View from the Chalkstreams

Despite a lack of hatches, dry fly is still the way to tackle chalkstreams, says Gordon Mackie

Vintage valuations

A personal fly book and an engraved Vesta case are valued, and huge bids come in for auctioned gear


April 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Poodle bites!

How to succeed in April

The perfect body?

"Better than pheasant tail," says Jeremy Lucas

Beat the Welsh hill lakes

... with a quartet from George Barron

Chris Ogborne guides us into his new world afloat

6 trustworthy tubes

Tie the best new patterns for salmon

It's all Greek to me!

Mike Harding uses his loaf in his quest for the perfect fly

Sandison's Scotland

Portree Angling Association's Storr Lochs; Megan Boyd remembered; Drams all round; Separating fact from salmon producer's fiction

Fly life matters

How declines in fly life can be reversed by input from anglers

Baltic silver

John Stephens travels to Denmark to fish imitations for sea-feeding sea trout

The wild trout wish list

Neil Patterson uses a new style to tie a dun that fishes on its own two feet

The Welsh Partridge

The tying and fishing of the Welsh Partridge, a fly to use if buzzer, caddis, olives or shrimps are on the menu

Northern delights

If 2010 is anything to go by, the salmon fisher should head north or east if in Scotland

Understanding machair trout

Robert MacDougall-Davis gleans local advice when tackling those




Lochain Doimhain is a small Scourie loch which holds some big secrets


March 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Unmatch the hatch!

When exact imitation doesn't pay.

Chalkstream dream?

How to find fishing in the south of England at a good price.

21st Century Clyde

New patterns in the old style.

Peak passport

Derbyshire trout from

The real McKay

... how to fish it on Opening Day.

Cast a spell

How to tie and use the Half-hog Hopper (aka Harry Potter).

Cumin seeds and cayenne pepper

Mike Harding

The Quill Buzzer

Jeremy Lucas demonstrates the range of techniques which can be applied to fishing his


Pitlochry Angling Club uses the very latest in ticketing technology; and the tide could finally be turning in the fight with salmon cages.


An ingenious Midge Larvae which is fished in an even more ingenious way.

Fish before you die

Loch Rannoch

Ireland 2011 ... Corrib and Conn

George Barron travels from Corrib to Conn, attempting to produce a sure-fire strategy for mixed hatches of buzzers, olives and Mayfly.

Ireland 2011 ... County Cork

Alastair Gowans flew to Cork to experience the much-improved salmon runs on the lesser-known rivers of the south.

Ireland 2011 ... Tyrone browns

With salmon, sea trout and quality brown trout, Gardiner Mitchell says the Strule system never fails provide excitement at any time of the year.


February 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Simulate to accumulate

Tie the Simulator Nymph, rated as highly as the Montana.

In the DEEP mid-winter

Gwilym Hughes advises on the thought processes and practicalities of bugging for grayling in the coldest months of the year.

Cascade crazy!

How long-tailed flies based on the Cascade are having a big influence on fly fisher's today.

Fatal attraction

The importance of the shrimp to the fly fisher. Plus Dave Southall showcases his ultra-violet Shrimp.

Bounty in Bosnia

An insider's guide to the fly-fishing hot-spots of Bosnia.

Cracking mullet

How a floating nymph is used to catch mullet consistently in Ireland.

The minimalist

How paring down your gear to the bare essentials will make you fish more efficiently.

Tit Willow

A simple technique for replicating the needle-like silhouette of this small stonefly common to many southern rivers.

Inside Information

The flies, tactics and the waters fished by small stillwater pioneer, Bill Sibbons.

The heat is on

A health-and-safety riddled Mike Harding looks at the risks facing the modern-day angler.

Fish before you die

You haven't lived until you've fished for salmon in beautiful Loch Naver.

Vermin, vagrants or enviable possessions?

How grayling spread through Britain, and how anglers attitudes towards them have changed dramatically.

Anglers all

Peter Lapsley sees fly fishers' attitudes changing as they focus more and more attention on wild fish, irrespective of species.

Sandison's Scotland




Sixfinger scissors; Bugs Pit Stop legs; Patagonia's base layers; Optilabs Panther sunglasses; and a Penhalagon hand-made oak fly box. Plus Richard Shelton's new book on the life-cycle of salmon.


January 2011

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Top of the Czech-list

Jeremy Lucas' Number One Nymph for winter fishing is an adaptation of an old favourite.

Mining a rich seam

George Barron uncovers a treasure trove of traditional patterns from Wales, and converts his favourites into modern dressings.

London pride

Peter Lapsley uncovers the people, flies and tactics of Walthamstow Reservoirs, which has three waters accessible on the Tube.

Scotland infuriates

Scottish Government puts international salmon agreement at risk.

"One of the UK's finest trout streams"

The River Don in Aberdeenshire is 82 miles of class.

Hit the bottle

How to tie bottle-tubes for salmon, and a reliable pattern for early and late season.

A knot to smile about

Glyn Freeman says the Grinner knot suits all his requirements.

Furl your own

Looking for improved presentation? Jack Wilson shows how readers can make their own furled leaders.

The Tarpon Toad

Mick Huffer ties the Tarpon Toad - the lightweight fly that's made its mark on Florida's fishing guides.

The Underloop Emerger

The addition of a thorax to dry flies is a design that's catching ... all over the world.

Thorax Dun

Neil Patterson investigates the clever Cul de Canard tying style of Vince Marinaro.

Fly dressing as it once was

Terry Lawton investigates the materials used by fly tyers of old, and wonders if our choice today is narrower.

Sandison's Scotland

The impressive inventory of fishings run by Aberdeen & District Angling Association; threat to the Tyne averted; an act of Kindness.

Inside information

Charles Jardine visits Haywards Farm and uncovers a gem of a pattern from regular Bill Greene.

The future's bright - Glo-Brite

Mike Harding looks forward to 2011 with the assistance of a clairvoyant.

A View from the Chalkstreams

Import from the north-west! Gordon Mackie explains his blueprint for re-watering the chalkstreams.

Kevin triumphs at Lechlade

Ladybower man clinches Fishing for Heroes trophy.

Festive codeword competition

Crack our Fishy Code and win a Game & Fish record book.


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