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December 2009


Wonders of the deep

A technique currently in vogue at Farmoor Reservoir for fishing tiny nymphs at exceptional depths.

Textbook Tying

How to tie a Mylar tube-bodied Roach Fry, an interceptor fly used for late-autumn fry feeders.

Reservoir dogs

UK stillwaters offer great pike sport to the angler who adopts the correct approach.

Switch on for salmon

The thinking behind the new Switch rod craze and why it suits the country's smaller rivers.

Welsh rivers up the creek?

How did the canoeists get the ear of the Welsh Assembly?

Fashion and the fishing fly

From spiders to eternity . . . charting the changing face of the modern fly.

Coatings of many colours

An accidental encounter has enabled Barrie Duffy to change any bead to any colour he chooses.

Fly of the Month

Tie a Pink Czech Machine, the fly that stirs up the grayling.

The wild trout's wish list

Scuba Sedge - Neil Patterson designs his own caddis wings from lead to imitate an often-ignored stage of the life-cycle.

Modern traditionals

George Barron describes his upcoming classic wet fly, the Hobbler, which is a cross between the Hopper and Dabbler.

On the Bench

Tubeology rethinks tube-tying . . .

Dear Santa ...

Mike Harding posts his Christmas wish list up the chimney.

Hatch facts 2008

River Fly Hatch Study author, Peter Hayes, analyses the results from last year's survey and emphasises why he's asking for more volunteers.

Sandison's Scotland

Dunoon & District AC is Club of the Month; Fish Durness before you die; Question for Rural Affairs Minister Lochhead: "Is rod-and-line angling for salmon, sea trout and trout any less important than is sea angling?"

Why do we fish?

Lifetime angler, Logie Bruce-Lockhart attempts an explanation for our passion.

A modern miracle

Meet the two people responsible for the success of south London's remarkable River Wandle, and uncover their favourite fly patterns.

Italian underground

An exacting dry fly technique brings quality results high in the hills of Central Italy.

Six Books

From the school library to Patagonia. Neil Patterson selects the six books that influenced his angling life.

Breathe easy

How to detect and fix seeping leaks in breathable waders.

A View from the Chalkstreams

Are grayling declining? And are our chalkstreams being managed properly?


November 2009

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Signals on the line

Two methods for detecting takes to virtually static nymphs.

Salmon 'evergreens'

The best of the Irish Shrimps, plus a couple of new ones.

Bob flies with an edge

How the Bumble has been modernised for the competition circuit.

Rock-and-roll pollack

Rudy van Duijnhoven finds himself paddling off the shore in a pontoon boat, connecting with tough, rock-dwelling pollack on the fly.

Another Tyne, another place . . .

East Lothian's special river plus what can a new Regional Development Officer for the TWG hope to achieve?

FREE giant fly poster!

20 ground-breaking patterns that moulded fly fishing

International fly fishing supplement 2009

Hut-hopping and stalking New Zealand; Huge pike in Canada's lakes; Drift-boating for grayling in Norway.

Damaging dogma

Has Halford's enduring legacy damaged chalkstream fly fishing?

The wild trout's wish list

Small is beautiful, says Neil Patterson, but big is beastlier, as he coaxes wild fish to get greedy.

Nymphs from humble beginnings

The last thing Barrie Duffy expected of UV micro-Fritz was delicate, effective nymphs, but that's exactly what has resulted.

Textbook Tying

How to tie and fish the Floating Minkie - on both floating and sinking lines.

The edge of darkness

The dry fly for sea trout is an under-rated tactic.

What some loch trout ate

In uncovering the unusual diet of machair loch trout, Malcolm Greenhalgh asks why we use surface flies.


October 2009

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Pick a winner

The logic behind the successful entrants' fly choice during the 2009 'River Test One Fly' competition.

Fresh Irish greens

Variants of Ireland's Green Peter which are currently in vogue on the competition circuit.

"Just how many double-figure fish were in that pool?"

Tierra del Fuego's massive sea trout.

Orange appeal

Axel Wessoloski has the juice on a great fly for grayling.

A direct line to trout

The technique behind straight-line nymphing from a drifting boat.

Redd alert!

Is the policy to release only female salmon fatally flawed?

Fly of the Month

Charles Jardine ties the Bow Tie Beetle, and wonders why we don't use such patterns more?

Wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson ties the Grey Fox variant, the fly that moves on its own.

Trigger happy

Chris Sandford demonstrates his no-hackle Emerger.

Textbook Tying

How to tie the Stinchar Stoat, a fly ably suited to both salmon and sea trout, especially late in the season.

Trout flies by design

What are the requirements of a successful fly?

Sandison's Scotland

Fish East Loch Bee on South Uist before you die; Profiling Loch Shin and Lairg Angling Club; and the Tripartite Working Group's latest report.

Wild trout the Pennine way

There's wild trout to be caught on the edge of Huddersfield.

Breathe easy

A simple technique to locate pin-prick holes in breathable waders.

Fry on the washing line

The buoyant Muddler Maggot is ideally suited to the modern reservoir technique ... along with a mass of other uses.


September 2009

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

The pig's whiskers

A new breed of Pot Belly Pig for salmon

Manna from heather

The tactical options for a fall of heather flies.

Today's traditionals

In a new series, competition angler and wild trout aficionado, George Barron, demonstrates how the genius of traditional favourites have spawned today's super-variants. This month, the Peter Ross.

Take out the unseen enemy

How to best control your dry flies in a drifting boat.

A conundrum on the Soro

A Slovenian river that breaks all the dry fly rules.

The fine art of 'twigging'

Travel light and fish light to tackle our untouched brooks and streams.

Champion of the Cheviots

The excellent salmon, sea trout, trout and grayling fishing on Northumberland's River Till.

The wild trout's wish list

The dry Caddis that says "Shucks, why didn't I think of that?"

One man in a boat

Will Shaw sets the alarm to stalk summer chub from the Thames with a dry fly, from a boat.

Where the trout can't believe their eyes

There are lakes in Argentina into which the blue-ribbon trout waters pour. Here, Neil Patterson uses massive foam flies to tempt the monsters that live in them.

V for Victory

Dave Wiltshire ties a transluscent soft-hackle Grub which has become the 'go-to' pattern in his bugging box.

Textbook Tying

How to tie and fish the great standby pattern, Ivens' Black & Peacock Spider.


August 2009

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Minkie business

George Barron prepares for the autumn fry-bashing with his upgraded standby pattern.

Chew on!

The Bristol fishery's amazing fortnight.

Champagne salmon

How fly presentation in the foamy water can be crucial to success on 'lesser salmon rivers

Sea trout doctor

Mick Huffer and Mark Bowler demonstrate how to tie and fish the sea trout version of the Silver Doctor.

Rockbourne revisited

Peter Lapsley returns to the Hampshire stillwater and finds much to commend.

Fly of the Month

The Crunched Booby, Iain Barr's nymph for the 'washing line'.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson's recommendation for August is a search fly that can be tied at the bankside.

The ultimate Conn artists

Sedge imitations and summer tactics from the Irish loughs.

Heaven above

Robert Macdougall-Davies picks the pockets of the high mountain streams of France's secret south-eastern corner.

A caveman fisheth

Mike Harding considers how fly fishing came to be.

Class of 2008

The report from last season's FF&FT Salmon School, which took place on the Annan at prime time on two top beats.

Majoring on the minor

Timothy Benn, uncovers how to get the best from a hot summer, and lift the 'curse' of Caenis.

Dive, dive, dive!

John Goddard reveals the results of his experiments on a previously neglected stage of the caddis life-cycle.

The mark of a true hunter

Will Shaw says five minutes studying the pool can reap huge profits.

A return to the golden age?

Looking to the future for Tal-y-llyn.


July 2009

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Summer-holiday salmon

The flies and tactics to confront low summer flows on salmon rivers.

Nymphs on the swing

Andrew Cartwright's sliding dropper technique allows the fishing depth of a suspended nymph to be altered quickly and easily.

Fish finder

On holiday? Looking for new waters or new fishing experiences? Peter Lapsley has the answers.

The flies of the sewin masters

The favourite sea trout patterns used by the locals on Wales' top rivers.

The coast is clear

. . . for bass on the fly. John Stephens investigates the techniques, tactics, tides and timing with a local Welsh expert.

Going the distance with heavyweight flies

Advice for casters of large, bulky pike and tarpon flies.

Crisis? What crisis?

Is the call for total catch-and-release of springers a panic measure?

Knit your own waders

Mike Harding says Archimedes was right.

Trout in the Tuscan heat

Tim Griffiths finds excellent trout and grayling sport in the interior of Italy in August.

A sedge for all seasons

Stuart Crofts explains why his adult Sandfly is the perfect candidate for the season-round 'prospecting' dry fly.

Fly of the Month

Charles Jardine ties his improved General Emerger.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patteron's flip-over fly that solves the flippin' sippin' trout problem of summer evenings.

Bob's your uncle

. . . and trusted friend. Geoffrey Bucknall's top-dropper flies are the most potent of them all.

Textbook Tying

How to tie and fish the Gorgeous George, the current darling of Irish lough fishing.


June 2009

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Heads up!

The patterns, tactics and advice to get salmon to head-and-tail on our fly.

Wild and free

Enjoy the freedom of Dartmoor where the only investment is time, and the dividends are high.

Sandison's Scotland

A loch to fish before you die; fish farmers set their sights on seals; news from the north; Rod McGill RIP.

Orange tonic

Tie the Orange Seal's Fur Nymph, and find out how it can be used effectively in flat calms and for floating snail feeders.

Flattening to deceive

A method for tying simple low-profile Stoneclinger Nymphs - by squeezing beads in a bench vice.

Just call me lucky

Mike Harding strikes it unlucky. Again.

Jack for a queen

Big pike eat little pike, so David Wolsoncroft-Dodds gives us a proven pikelet.

It takes a busy man

Peter Lapsley meets Lawrence Talks, angling water-habitat guru.

Big brown trout on a bicycle

James Owen uses the efficient Swedish public transport system to get to a very special river which costs him just over a tenner per day.

Morgan & Son

Moc and Hywel Morgan select their top ten sea trout rivers of Wales.

Power politics

Stuart Letford asks if depleting a beautiful, productive river of its flow to generate hydro-power is environmentally worth it.

Fly of the Month

Charles Jardine ties Zippy, the fly you can slide up and down the leader and use as a depth-controller and visual indicator.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson introduces the Hockey Mom, the fly for pernickety summer evening trout.

Gadgets, fry and seagulls

Malcolm Greenhalgh discovers some of the old fry-style patterns designed for sea trout still work today.

A basket case.

Charles Jardine illustrates the advantages of a line tray and lists his favourite - and less favoured - designs.

Distant thoughts

Geoffrey Bucknall, the man who originally brought shooting heads to these shores, gives his tips on achieving easy distance consistently.


May 2009

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Tempting over-wintered fish on the Stick Fly.

Salmon to be sure

A trio of proven Irish salmon flies: Fiery Brown Shrimp, Finn Gold Shrimp and Purgatory Shrimp


Moc Morgan's top ten lakes; The 10 commandments of sea trotting; Danger in the hills.

The early bite

How to hit the grannom hatch.

Down to a Tee

Why fly tyers love the plastic clothes-tag

Fly of the Month

CJ's Slug, incorporating a new rubber hackle from America.

Consett's mighty pitch

Geoffrey Bucknall explains what draws him to the vast, stocked Derwent reservoir.

Three men on a mission

Meet the staff who make things happen on the riverbank at the Wild Trout Trust.

The language of fishes

Why swearing at fish is pointless.

Beyond the reefs

Cut the cost of fishing the Seychelles by chartering a yacht.

Whippets and Snails

Certain sinking lines suit different retrieve styles.

Ifor's Foremark future

FF&FT talks to the new manager at the Derbyshire fishery, Ifor Jones


April 2009

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Trout lochs with a silver lining; Public reservoir gems; "Britain's premier brown trout fishing"

Margin of profit

How to profit from fishing the water's edge

Why didn't somebody tell me that?

Hints and tips from John Goddard to make your season more enjoyable.

Foam cushion

Tie the FB dun, Peter Smith's realistic Baetis pattern.

Give them both barrels

Tie your salmon flies incorporating an innovative way with jungle cock.

Tiny dries with a twist

A new and interesting technique for rolling CdC to produce small floating duns and spinners.

Scratching for pike

How to transform a pike fishing session from dull to dazzling.

Downsizing for white water

Charles Jardine shares the lessons he's learned while fast water dry-fly fishing in the Rockies.

In pursuit of the spring treble

Jim Fisher records his mission to secure an incredible salmon record on the Tay, Dee and Spey.

Homage to a master

A tribute to Bev Perkins, a fly fishing great.

The Conductor

Mike Harding recalls the weirdest place he's ever fished ... the pub!

In Walton's footsteps

Meet the team behind the success of the fabled Amwell Magna fishery.

The unsung lochs of South Uist

Malcolm Greenhalgh sings the praises of the island's lesser-known hill lochs.

The Sunk Spinner

Neil Patterson improves his fly for imitating egg-laying female spinners.

Stuie's Olive

Tie the pattern for when emerging olives are being taken by fussy feeders.

Textbook Tying

Tie the Joey, a little known hill loch fly which produces fantastic results both in waves and flat calms.


March 2009

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


The ups and downs of 2008; Salmon and sea trout on the drift; Lough flies get an extra kick.

Slobs from the seaweed

Hunting sea loch-swelling brown trout in North Uist.

"It signals six weeks' good fishing"

Oliver Edwards explains why the Yellow May is a vital fly.

Masters' plan

Peter Lapsley's checklist on how he intends to prepare for the new season.

Rocky Mountain hop

Charles Jardine takes a trip to Canada's Crowsnest River and is forced to get technical.


Mike Harding stumbles across a Gothic piscatorial tale.

Tangle-free hints

John Goddard's hints and tips to help you through the season with a little less frustration.

Leaders in the French/Belgian style

Detailing the ultra-long leader presentation pioneered by the French.

The Rambo-Mary

Tie a mainstay fly for the Duo or Trio.

The Cock Robin

Tie the Cock Robin, the early bird for the Irish loughs.

The Pretty Poly Nymph

Neil Patterson discusses a method of floatation that blows floatants out of the water ...


February 2009

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

9 little devils

Diawl Bachs of the Welsh aces.

Treble chance

How to fish the Trio and Duo methods.

Queen Kate

The origins and variants of the loch fisher's favourite fly.

Fly UK or USA

The gulf between US and British fly-fishing styles.

Double-handed for pike

Winter action for the salmon rod.

The Italian fly-tying trapeze

A secret method from Rome for producing lightweight, realistic dry flies, involving dressing on monofilament tensioned between two wooden posts, rather than on a hook-shank.

The magic of the Jeannie

How a classic fly can still be tied and used in earnest for salmon and sea trout.

Fly dressing with Dame Juliana

Malcolm Greenhalgh translates the Old English from the 15th century book on fly tying to see what kind of flies they tied in those days.

Degrees of success

Axel Wessolowski considers the thermometer's effect on the anglers' degrees of success.

The size of it

There are times when fly-size choice can be critical ...

From Russia with ...

... wets for fast flows. Getting down to the big Varzina brownies.

The borrowers

Brian Harris says the habit of authors to repeat what others have written has done fly fishing a disfavour.

Sitting proud

How to tie the dry and wet Quill.

The F-Fly

How to tie - and fish - the devastatingly effective F-Fly.

Mike's Midge

How Mike's Midge is tailor-made for bottom-grubbing fussy trout.


January 2009


Shedding light

How vital is fly colour?

The great escape

Knoydart, Scotland's last great wilderness, on the fly.

The Ivens legacy

How the 'father of stillwater,' Tom Ivens, shaped our approach.

When eyes grow dim

Tips, techniques, gadgets and gizmos that can help fading eyesight,

From Russia with ...

Is the mighty Varzina the best? asks Charles Jardine, as he uses upstream streamers and dry Caddis on the Kola peninsula.

Purple highlights

Two emerging Irish grilse patterns with one colour in common.

Depth charge

How to tie an effective Czech Nymph.

The Mole Fly

Preparing for the early spring hatches? Here's a prototype of the Klinkhamer which was designed in Surrey, England, 100 years ago.

8 go to Ireland

Reporting back from a recent FF&FT reader trip to the Emerald Isle for pike.

Split-cane and bluebottles

Mike Harding recalls fond boyhood memories ...

Fried eggs and pig's tails

Mark Bowler shares his favourite knot for attaching salmon flies and explains how modern leader material has influenced the knots he uses today.

That sinking feeling

How our fly lines behave in saltwater.

Letters extra

In its current form the Annual Riverfly Abundance Survey is flawed, says Oliver Edwards.


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