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December 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Egg beaters

Cracking winter grayling - the ideal fly and tactic.

Uncommonly good

Tie the Green Peter Muddler, the unlikely attractor for all salmonids.

Nations divided

Interesting trends in salmon flies from around the world.

Wets with an aerial twist

How wet-fly fishers can gain valuable extra drift with a simple flick of the wrist.

Steps to heaven

Dilligent prospecting can find the fly fisher unfished chalkstreams.

5 lessons from the season

Lessons in hooks, daddies, hawthorns and yellow Mays.

Welsh work of art

Glaslyn Estate, a Victorian artist's bolt-hole on the upper Wye.

How to deal with being skunked

Why a blank day isn't always such a bad thing.

When That Fails Too

Charles Jardine improves Bill Sibbon's super stalking fly.

Grand Slam Crab

A unique crab fly which swims on an even keel.

Saving salar's cousins

Why Scotland's anglers are suddenly catching vendace, powan and charr in their wild trout waters.

The doctor will see you now

Mike Harding muses over fly fishing ailments.

The Cul de Canard

Why this French fly is the one above all others.

Tigers in Livingstone's footsteps

Clive Holloway is one of the first fly fishers to tackle beautiful Lake Cahora Bassa in Mozambique, home to huge tigerfish.

In the shop window

How to tie a bubble-wing with CdC.


November 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Superb wild trouting in Australia; A stillwater fisher's paradise in Iceland; Affordable salmon and trout fishing in south-west France; The insane, exhilarating aggression of Argentina's dorado.

Join up!

Reap the rewards of club membership.

Grayling focus

How to tie and fish the Tup Wool Bug; Profiling the Grayling Society.

Salmon on the Dog

How to tie and fish the Garry Dog.

Mylar in a spin

Dave Riding spins Mylar tubing like deer-hair to create sparkly flies.

Catch the Bugeilyn bug

The true, wild spirit of brown trout is alive and kicking in this corner of Wales.

Sticks and carrots and Luddites

Mike Harding wonders what Izaac Walton would have thought of a rod made from carrots.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Tie a floating snail or beetle imitation with the help of a coffee bean.

Fly of the Month

Tie Aylott's Orange and The Puppa.

A merry dance

How to tie the Yellow Dancer, the fly that's selling out in central Scotland.

Flies and leaders

How the tying of flies in the wrong place on the cast can lead to tangle trouble.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson explains how design and nature turn his Shrimp into an advertising billboard that says, "Eat me!"

Casting missiles

How to cast big fry patterns ... without hooking the back of your head!


October 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Weight for it!

John Goddard has successfully fused an ancient and a modern approach to entice difficult grayling.

Catching the eye

How trout and salmon view our flies.

Just what the doctor ordered

How to tie and fish one of salmon fishing's most famous flies - the GP Shrimp.

Lead in the air

How to cast with heavy bugs.

Tempting torpedoes

Roman Moser tells us the best places to find big river pike, and how he catches them.

Unmask the Foam Ranger

The Daddy designed to have wild trout foaming at the mouth.

Serious Norway

Norway is seeing an upsurge in big salmon following its new netting restrictions.

A load of old cow - or is it?

Mike Harding's love of the countryside.

Liverpool's legacy

George Barron's favourite fishery is an old city water supply in Wales.

More strings to the Bow

Big fish, big skies, big flows, big flies. Toby Coe's unforgettable trouting experience in Canada.

Fly of the Month

Charles Jardine ties the Sassenach - a traditional style of fly based on an imitative theme.

Paddle power

Introducing the Road Runner Corixa, a fly that swims like an Olympic champion.

The modest magician

Useful tips, innovative gadgets and handy flies from John Smith, one of the best tyers in the business.

Kite's heights

Looking back on Oliver Kite's lasting contribution to angling.


September 2008


I'm a trout fisher, get me out of here!

Go commando to extract the best sport from overgrown streams.

Better than 'the good ol' days'

The River Borgie is one salmon river that's breaking its own records.

Daddy No-legs

Brian Harris' favourite Crane fly imitation doesn't rely on fiddly legs.

Arctic charr and polar bears

Fishing with polar bears in one of the wildest destinations on earth.

Rutland buzzes again

Rutland hatches are on the up and the locals are opting for streamside set-ups, tactics and skills to catch its residents.

Run shallow, run deep

The tactics and flies that (almost!) clinched George Barron the Brown Bowl in the recent international on Lough Melvin.

St Peter's Gate

Exploring the Derbyshire Wye - the river that produces its own, self-sustaining stock of rainbow trout.

Ye gods and little thistles

Mike Harding ponders on fly fishing and the meaning of life.

Man-made menace

Hazel Brockie implores fly fishers to be extra careful with waste nylon.

Fly of the Month

Charles Jardine ties his fly of the moment for Rutland - the Shaggy Bits.

The wild trout's wish list

The caddis design which causes trout "to lose their natural instinct for survival."

The Voss Bark Palmer Nymph

Tie and fish a palmered nymph which is perfect for bright, sunny days.

What's my line?

Why we have different fly lines to fish the same flies.

Quick-fire changes

How a twist of the wrist can alter cast direction in an instant.

Shock tactics

John Goddard explains why and how he incorporates elasticised cord into all his leaders.

Double snap

Strong downstream wind? Try a Snap cast to replace the double Spey.


August 2008


Snap to it!

How a Spey cast can be made easier by employing the 'Snap C'.

Spot the shrimp

Why our imitations benefit from an orange spot.

Pooling your resources

Sea pool tactics and approach for sea trout.

Gang of four

John Goddard chooses four essential dry flies for stillwater.

Walk on the wild side

Hiking into northwest Sutherland searching for quality wild brown trout.

Christening the rod

Mike Harding lands a beast on his latest acquisition.

Trout fishing with altitude

Dominic Garnett takes the cable car into the Alps to fish one of the highest lakes in Europe.

Jolly giants

Peter Lapsley questions the stocking of large trout in rivers and stillwaters.

Fly of the month

Tie the Four-Water Special.

The wild trout's wish list

How to design a Caenis that picky, wild trout, er, pick.

The Cable Guy

Andrew Hennessey's aerial view of Snake flies.

Resurrection fly

A substitute for the old Dotterel Dun, a favourite for imitating 'pale wateries'.

Huffer's Beetle

How to tie and fish Mick Huffer's floating beetle imitation.

The Backhand Haul (Part 2)

Get out of a tight spot by putting a haul into your backhand cast.

The subtleties of slow presentation

Why we use different lines to present flies at the same depth.


July 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Grab a Snatcher

Tie and fish the Snatcher, a hugely versatile fly which no stillwater trout angler should ignore.

Days of plunder

A good breeze + rolling wave = red-letter day.

Wild Westcountry

How the best wild waters of Devon and Cornwall can be fished for a pittance.

An Icelandic saga

Having conquered Iceland the Red Frances is now being championed on the Tweed. Magnus Angus discloses how he dresses this unique fly.

The science of the surface lure

The Jambo - tie it and find out why there's more to fishing a wake lure than simply creating a surface disturbance.

The golden corner

Lanlish, Borralie, Caladail ... As the Durness lochs come under new management, Bruce Sandison fishes some of Scotland's most productive wild waters.

First, catch your barmaid

Mike Harding's quest for the perfect fly-tying material.

The complete naturalist

Meet Warren Gilchrist, the man who bridges the gap between anglers and environmentalists.

Sea trout at the end of the world

The sea trout fishing in a more sheltered, intimate part of Tierra del Fuego.

The Floating Blob

Tie Gareth Jones' highly effective but simple fly for rainbows and browns.

The wild trout's wish list

Drive trout wild with Neil Patterson's unique Funnelspinner.

Tricks of the Trade

How to make neat heads with nymph wing cases.

The whole shooting match

How to make a shooting-head behave like a presentation fly line.

Grease is the word

What fly fishers mean by 'greasing' a fly or line.

The Backhand Haul (Part 1)

In a tight spot? Charles Jardine demonstrates the backhand haul.

The river dancers

Recognise the dance of the silverhorn caddis and summer afternoon dry fly sport beckons.


June 2008


Presentation perfect

From fly line to tippet, Ally Gowans takes an in-depth look at making the leader for perfect presentation.

Devon in Scotland

The hidden jewel in Scotland's Central Belt.

Princes of Wales

Two rivers (the Elwy and Clywd), a lake (Trawsfyndd) and a fly (the Bin Laden)

Bloody, Bloody Butcher

Mike Harding has homicidal thoughts beside the shores of a Connemara bog lough.

Hunting Irish crocodiles

On the trail of monster Irish pike.

40 years on

The world's biggest collection of fly-fishing memorabilia is in Manchester, Vermont.

A bad case of buck fever

The adrenalin rush that is fly fishing for bluewater billfish.

Fly of the Month

Charles Jardine uses foam to introduce a new concept with his Shambolic Hare.

The curious fly tyer - No. 45

Second hand tricks - tips on making the most of our 'other' hand.

Textbook Tying

Tie a Nomad, the lure which lends itself to being fished as a nymph.

Flies of the British Isles

A series of stoat-style salmon flies which have become the Tweed's 'new black'.

The long and short of it

Why fly rods are made in such a range of lengths.

Life off

Your initial lift-off is the bedrock of your cast.

The Andelle

Tie the fly which is a hatching nymph one second, adult the next.

An ace up the sleeve

A caddis species which anglers have been ignoring for too long.


May 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

The deadly dozen

A proven Buzzer selection to catch trout in any month of the year.

Leven rises again

There's life - and plenty of it - after the rainbows of Loch Leven.

Nymphs and the salmon

Fine-tuning the tactic of nymphing for salmon on Ireland's Delphi.

Magic in the Weald

Obtaining the secrets for succes at Bewl with senior ranger, Bob Barden.

Multiple choice

Alastair Gowans explains why he's a convert to the 'new wave' of multi-tip fly lines.

Teifi back on top

Happy days are here again on the Teifi.

Loch of surprises

Trout fishers should not ignore Perthshire's Loch Tay.

Anyone for Ennis?

Contrasting two highly productive rivers - one in Ireland, one in Montana - both of which run through a place called Ennis.

Fly of the month

Charles Jardine ties Spiller's Sunk Daddy and details the special hand-retrieve.

Duck's Humpy

Fashioning a small Humpy-style fly built around a single CdC feather.

The wild trout's wish list

Give this month's cold-hearted trout a Hawthorn they simply can't ignore.

Spin doctor

Chris Sandford's new technique creates naturally floating Emergers from wire and deer hair.

Types of emerger

What do we mean by an 'emerger'?

Casting clinic

How to improve presentation with the backhand/wind cast.


April 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Pearls of the Tay; the River Clyde, the 'People's River'; and South Uist, the jewel of the Hebrides.

Picking pockets

An exciting way to fish pocket water with streamers.

Taking Stocks

Lancashire's hot-spot ... Stocks Reservoir and Roger Beck.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson begins a new series where he showcases flies which simply work, beginning with the Grizzle Mink.

Coming short

Why offering the trout a smaller portion may produce dividends.

On the wild beat

The delights of Donegal's Gweebarra River, which has now been split into six beats.

Fly of the Month

Tie the fly some rate alongside Sawyer's PTN - the Micro Sniper.

Something in the air

The important elements which influence spring salmon fishing.

Textbook tying

Tie the Scratch Head dry, a fly specifically devised for challenging rises such as a flat calm.

That 'fooled you' moment

Discussing some of the conundrums and questions around 'imitative' fly-fishing.

The Wind cast

How to cast in an awkward wind.

Morgan & Son

Current developments in Welsh angling and two more Dai Lewis flies.


March 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)


Trouting on Lower Lough Erne; Donegal's Owenea Fishery, where 70% of its salmon are taken on fly; How to cope with fickle Mayfly hatches; Conditions for good sport in the north-west of Ireland.

King Cormorant

How to tie and fish the Cormorant, plus its many variants.

Capital fishing

Quality reservoir fishing under the gaze of London's skyscrapers: Thames Water's Walthamstow reservoirs.

Tweed's latest fashions

Boatman, Jim Smail, reveals the pick of his fly box.

Down and dirty for salmon

Getting the low-down (and all the tricks) to get your fly down to a spring salmon.

Heart-breaking line breaks

Why break-offs occur, and how they can be avoided.

Casting clinic

The case for the Finger/V grip.

Fly of the Month

Two for the price of one - Lindsay Palmer and Gallows Pole.

Packing backup

Tie the Double Trouble Nymph, a nymph which can be converted to Caddis, Stonefly or Mayfly straight from the fly box.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit ...

Rabbit fur is far more useful than just a dubbbing material.

Machair magic

Wild trout fishing doesn't come more magical than on South Uist.

A twist of lime ... and a dash of history

The USA's trout riches are not all to be found in the Wild West. Try Pennsylvania.


February 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Salmon virgin?

Advice to those hoping to catch their first salmon.

The art of good leader-ship

The perfect leader for both river and stillwater.

A no-wind situation?

Why you should no longer dread a flat calm.

Black salmon bonus

The smelt-feeding kelts of the Miramichi

Functional junctions

The rich versatility of braided nylon for anyone with basic DIY skills.

Teesdale's old-timers

Fishing the 'old way' for wild fish on the unstocked dams at the head of Teesdale.

It's showtime!

Tips for the would-be demonstrator from Marvin Nolte.

The Crunchy Spider

Tie a flashy nymph for winter fishing.

Deer's kin!

Tie a Deer-hair Caddis.

Flies of the British Isles

Ulster's Robert McHaffie ties "the best low water fly I know", plus ingenious dry flies from Victor Collier.

Textbook Tying

Is it a crab or is it a shrimp? Mick Huffer ties and fishes his Allsorts.

Double-quick Dun

How to tie a dancing Dun with a single CdC feather.

Something for Nothing Spinner

Alan Bithell shows us the tricks he uses to tie his very effective Spinner (and also how he ties it on!).


January 2008

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Flexible friends

How lightweight tube flies can increase your salmon catch rate.

Grayling with the flow

Fine tuning to get your hooks into grayling.

The purity of the breed

Wild v stockies? The consequences of stocking our wild fisheries.

Nomads of the Monnow

Steffan Jones tells us of his love affair with the Monnow and how he keeps returning for more.

Flies of the British Isles

Orkney's James Bews offers up nine wild brown trout flies for the Catskills Museum in America.

A stitch in time ...

A fail-safe method of creating a loop in a fly line.

Duck to water

The virtues of simple tyings in CdC.

The rainbows nation

The delightful dry-fly fishing in the KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg mountain region of South Africa.

The praise of Gairloch

The solitude of this wild trouter's paradise in Wester Ross.

The aliens have landed

Charles Dutton calls for the eradication of Himalayan balsam.

X-factor fly 2007

Neville Walker's Pink Lady Mayfly is the winning fly.

Fly of the Month

Tie the Super Fry, a fry pattern which exudes vulnerability to the predatory trout.

Scruffy, spikey and buggy

Tie a Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph.

Textbook Tying

One for the bank. Mick Huffer ties a Teasy Weasy.

Take a rain check

Why clouds don't always mean good fishing.

Casting Clinic

Eliminating energy-sapping wiggles from our back/up casts.


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