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May 2006

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Small minded

How to convert followers into takers

Pike corner

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds begins a new monthly pike-fishing series

Fruit from the heather

Allan Liddle says that the scourge of moorland gamekeepers has become a significant part of the loch-trout's diet – and his foam dry fly has become a favourite player for spring

Don't adjust the contrast

Two differing Yorkshire waters – the River Ure and Scar House reservoir – offer Geoffrey Bucknball majestic wild trout sport

Make a connection

"Ireland's best all-round fly of 2005" – Irish lough expert, Larry Gibb, relates how the Telephone Fly came about

Victor's conquerors

John Todd profiles a man of the Mourne, whose subtle colour variations and make-up of his flies are vital for this classic salmon river

Beyond the limit

Malcolm Greenhalgh has been a supporter of salmon hatcheries for years, but he now questions their existence

An outer isles experience

Mark Bowler heads west, to find the sea trout and salmon stocks are better than he expected, and the trout potential is even greater than he imagined

Casting in Castro's bay of plenty

There were no Grand Slams, but the recent FF&FT readers' trip to Cuba proved to be an outstanding success

The Gosling

Mick Huffer ties the Gosling, not just a great wet fly for Mayfly time, but also a first-class attractor

An embarrassment of riches

It's easy to be fooled this month, says Peter Lapsley. Fishing hatch-matching flies on the rivers and chalkstreams will not necessarily guarantee you heavy baskets

Breaking the rules

Tomonori Higashi and Bill Logan introduce us to a Japanese tyer whose flies do the unexpected

Don't shoot from the hip

Casting from a float tube shouldn't leave you unstable, says Charles Jardine

The Dunne/Cove Pheasant Tail

The ideas of Dunne and Cove combine to make a great Pheasant Tail Nymph


April 2006

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

French kissing – their ways with a dry fly

Charles Jardine describes how the French fish a dry fly on a very long braided or tapered leader

The hole approach

Visiting UK anglers have made their influence felt on Lough Corrib, says George Barron, who says imitative Buzzer techniques are proving hugely successful

To stock or not to stock?

Just what is the best way to manage UK trout rivers? John Tyzack uses the Haddon Estate on the Derbyshire Wye as a case study and finds its new no stock, catch-and-release policy has much to commend it

Driven to a Frenzy

David Grove discusses the tactics behind great sport fishing for tiger fish on the majestic Zambezi

The curious fly tyer – No.27

Ted Patlen is one of the most outstanding anglers Bill Logan knows. His fly box is a revelation, says Bill

Jack Frost

This is one mini lure which has stood the test of time. Mick Huffer shows us how to tie it and uses it from the first day of the season

Arresting April runners

The spring salmon fishing is warming up and Bill Drury offers his preferred flies, and a technique honed in Russia

Sheer perfection

Paul Whillock's astonishing flies were once apprehended by Customs officials! Peter Lapsley talks to this remarkable fly tyer

Doyen of Donegal

John Todd profiles John McLaughlin – a forward-thinking and innovative salmon fly tyer

Take it to the limit

Fish are feeding deep on small buzzers and right on the edge of your casting range. Mick Huffer has the answer …

Combating the dreaded flat calm

a double-tapered line and a haul on the forward movement of your cast will help you deal with a flat calm, says Charles Jardine

The sacrificial tail fly

Stan Headley explains how to get the best from your early season Midge tactics


March 2006

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Inspiration in a flash

Ally Gowans tells us how dinner with some fishing friends led him to invent the most popular salmon fly, the Cascade

March river madness

John Tyzack heads to the Scottish Borders to experience the March Brown hatch on the Tweed


Mobile weighted Nymphs from France

Best in the District

Wild trouting in The Lakes

The honest method

Loch fishers tend to overlook an approach which works in various conditions whether from boat, bank or float tube

Trout in the powder

Ski-ing and flt fishing in Colorado proved to be with perfect wedding present for Theo Pike

The Cockroach

Wherever you plan to fish saltwater species, the Cockroach is a fly you must have in your box. Mick Huffer shows how to tie this easy but effective fly

Opening trio

Now that the opportunity to get out and fish is there, Allan Liddle selects his team of trout flies for those first few outings

Match of the day

Peter Lapsley asks: fly fishing, fly rod fishing, artificial bait fishing

Total recall?

After observing trout at close range, Doug Agar concludes that a trout's memory isn't as short-term as he first thought, and that we should re-think our approach to refusals

The curious fly tyer. No.26

When it comes to dubbing fly bodies, Bill Logan is only interested in ingenuity that has brevity and is effortless

A view from the chalkstreams

Skues' footsteps; Going wild

Corrib's early buzz

Even better than the Mayfly?

12 best-kept secrets

Famed for its salmon fishing, Malcolm Greenhalgh takes us on a journey around Ireland's trout rivers

The pike men of Ireland

Ad Swier gets in his float tube and hunts for pike in 'secret' loughs

Ups and downs

The quality of salmon fishing varied all over Ireland in 2005. John Todd looks at how individual fisheries fared


February 2006


Trust in the trio

A new, subtle technique for wary fish combining dry fly and weighted nymphs at various depths

Atlantic high

Malcolm Greenhalgh says the rod catches in England and Wales for 2004 and 2005 give anglers hope for the salmon's future

Seeing red

Alexander Keachie has a salmon fly that's really effective when there's a bit of colour in the water

The Earl's Highland legacy

The sporting history of the Scottish Highlands is evident in the old coaching inns. Allan Liddle looks at two that still provide a base for great sport

The necessity of grey flies

They aren't clever or attractive, and are overlooked and unappreciated

Little gems, hidden pleasures

John Tyzack discovered a great little stream in Cheshire almost by accident

The Beacon Beige

Mick Huffer shows us how to tie this classic Olive Dun imitation

Trout flies by design

Peter Lapsley considers the importance of 'trigger points' in trout fly design by picking 11 outstanding examples

Get serious

Bob Wyatt implores us to take our sport seriously

Crystal clear

John Goddard visits Slovenia, and wishes now he hadn't turned down the chance of fishing there back in the 1970s

Spring fashions

Salmon fisher, Midge Little, offers three flies for spring which he's adapted to modern trends

Tarpon tamers

Increased angling pressure in the Florida Keys has made tarpon wary. Movement and shape of fly are, therefore, vital, says Jack Simpson


January 2006

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Get on stream!

Attack the river, US-style: "the takes are like being hit by a sizeable sandbag pulsing with an electric charge"

The little tip you can't ignore

The midge-tip was THE innovation of 2005. Stan Headley explains their magic and shows how to make one

Winter pike

Exciting pike sport is still possible at this time of year. Rudy van Duijnhoven explains how to entice one to grab your streamer

Shrimps on an even keel

Jimmy Younger stumbled on a way of ensuring his single and double-hooked Shrimp flies swim on an even keel

Grin and bear it!

Malcolm Greenhalgh is philisophical about the contrasts between great fishing and poor fishing

In the deep mid-winter

For the winter stillwater angler, Malcolm Anderson offers a selection of his deadly patterns

Bread-and-butter Bibio

Allan Liddle has adapted a favourite, traditional bob fly to be fished static as a dry fly for brownies

Dry fly in the snow

John Tyzack had a magical time springtime stonefly fishing in Finland

In the shadows of dinosaurs

Peter Lapsley explores the amazing entomology collection housed in the Natural History Museum in London

Time for a Scooby snack

Zoiks! Dave Westthorp ties useful flies with the latest kids' craze

The Silver Invicta Spider

Mick Huffer shows how you can adapt an all-time favourite pattern, so it can be fished slower and more enticingly

Belt and braces

Trout teeth ruin a fly. Bob Wyatt suggests how to make your flies last longer


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