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December 2005

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Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
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Czech this out!

In this follow up to his October report from the Czech Republic, Charles Jardine tells how the Czechs get their streamers really deep by holding the fly line pinioned to the bottom via the sunk rod tip

December bankers

This month has hitherto been uncharted territory for the reservoir fly fisher. Bev Perkins says that by keeping our tackle and methods simple we'll have success

Loopy? - get the shrink

Rudy van Duijnhoven announces a new method for making loops on fly lines and binding them together.

The way of a salmon with a fly

Alastair Gowans gets up close and personal and finds out just how salmon take a fly

Cape crusade

You don't have to travel too far in South Africa's Western Cape to experience some great mountain trouting, says Tom Sutcliffe

The ace in the hole

Why, when fishing for winter grayling, Bob Wyatt will use a team of Red Tags.

Wading with carp

Mark Bowler went to the Camargue in southern France in the hope of landing a record-breaker.

Nelson's cocktails fly again

On the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar, Theo Pike and others trace Admiral Lord Nelson's love of fly-fishing, and suggest the flies he woud have cast.

Net reward

Salmon anglers usually feel revulsion towards salmon netsmen, but, says Malcolm Greenhalgh, there are many advantages in having them...

Stocking fillers

Last-minute hints for the perfect Christmas gift for the angler in your life

The curious fly tyer

Earrings? Bill Logan fashions some festive fly-tying gift ideas for our long-suffering friends and families. High fashion, indeed!


November 2005

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Final fling

Bev Perkins plots the downfall of the cream of the remaining late-season reservoir residents - control of your tackle and boat are crucial, he says.

Rea of light

Charles Jardine praises the Rea Brook in Shrewsbury, but asks if we are neglecting the trout and grayling sport in other urban towns.

Caddis contrasts and conundrums

The gaping hole in the UK's knowledge of sedges in comparison to the US is exposed by Oliver Edwards.

Cone-head revolution

The Norwegians are now changing the cone's position on the tube to get extra kick and pulse from cone-head tubes. Einar Norgaard demonstrates.

Quality control

To tie flies of the highest quality you need to use materials of the highest quality. This is not too difficult when it comes to synthetic materials but where natural materials are concerned it is a different matter. Steve Cooper tells us what we should be looking for.

All to shot

Andrew Cartwright's methods for grayling fishing at this time of year mainly involve the correct set-up and reading of the river.

Beyond the golden gate

After a recent visit to the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club in San Francisco, Peter Lapsley suggests the need for national centre of casting excellence in the UK.

Open range

The new non-resident fees for fishing British Columbia's Elk River is an inevitable sign of fishing pressure. But, Bob Wyatt asks, is it the best solution to the problem?

The curious fly tyer - No. 22

Bill Logan recalls his first fly-fishing hero who only used one fly, and from whom we could learn a lot from - Dick O'Connor.

Isn't it time we got rid of barbed hooks?

Is sticking with barbed hooks leaving the angler better or worse equipped? Malcolm Greenhalgh presents the case for barbless hooks.

Textbook tying

This month Mick Huffer ties and fishes a simple family of flies which continue to fool modern trout on stillwater and stream - the Pennells.

Also this month: International fly-fishers international guide 2005

Wild trout in France, steelhead in North America, browns and rainbows in Argentina and tips for tuna, jacks, snapper and dorado in saltwater


October 2005

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

October alternatives

October can be one of the prime months of the year, but it is often mis-labelled as 'fry feeding time.' In reality, not all fish in the reservoir are gorging on small fish. Bev Perkins advises us how to tackle these fish.

Combat fly-fishing

At the recent World Youth Fly Fishing championships in the Czech Republic Charles Jardine was amazed at how different and committed Czech anglers.

To boldly go

Geoffrey Bucknall has fished upper Teesdale for three decades. He tells us why he returns time and time again to this wilderness just off the A1 where truly wild fish are found.

Hair today: a consumer's guide

An abundance of new materials has stimulted today's salmon fly-tyer's imagination. Ross MacDonald assesses some of the new hairs and furs on the market.

Swinging some lead

Casting with heavily leaded flies can be made easier by adapting an oval cast, says Charles Jardine

Dam fine fishin'!

After a lifetime of fly-fishing, Derek S Stratton experiences his finest fishing adventure in Colorado.

Textbook Tying

Buoyancy plus a slim profile is a deadly fly-tying cocktail, and the Muddle May has both. It is a classic from the mid-80's and is an ideal fly for rough water. Mick Huffer demonstrates how to tie and fish it.

The curious fly tyer - No. 21

Bill Logan looks at dubbing and says that by giving this just a bit of thought and extra effort we'd have better flies.

Golden Gunns

Davy MacPhail selects his three favourite October patterns and tells us how to fish them.

The Coot.com

The rise and falls of the stock market inspired Peter Hayes to name the fly he uses when fish are feeding on 'infinitesima'.

Adjusting to change

Environmental changes are breaking down the fishes' food chain, and anglers need to modify their patterns and approach to suit, says George Barron.

Don't let the Killer Bug go down the plug hole

If you are a grayling fanatic and have never tried Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug, give it a go, urges Malcolm Greenhalgh, who suggests that the copper wire is perhaps a more significant part of the dressing.

Bridge builders to the future

The Wild Trout Trust is undertaking a project to restore the River Wensum near Fakenham. Peter Lapsley talks to its Director, Simon Johnson.

If looks could kill

Vague suggestion or close imitation? Stan Headley investigates a trout's 'trigger' points to find out why close copies are poor fish-catchers - apart from close-copy Buzzers.


September 2005

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Pining for the fjords

Fed up with the slog of salmon fishing in the UK? Magnus Angus discovers the delights of salmon fishing in Norway.

The big Daddy experiment

Malcolm Greenhalgh tested different Daddy-long-legs. Find out which one had the best fish-catching properties.

A Frog in the throat

The Frog Fly is the piscatorial equivalent of a dinner bell to a pike, says Mark Bowler, who finds Gordon Mackenzie's Floating Frog to be a fun fly to tie and an exciting way to tempt pike from shallow water on a hot day.

10 big trout tips

Don't leave it all to Lady Luck - John Goddard gives us his 10 top tips to catching the big specimens.

September stand-bys

Duncan Egan covers all eventualities as he selects his three favourite salmon patterns for the final, most prolific weeks of the season.

A Proper steal

Peter Hayes borrows some ideas to construct a pattern which imitates the hatched dun sitting up on the surface.

Damsels in distress? Not a bit of it

Today, sisters really are doing it for themselves. FF&FT looks at some women hoping to level the piscatorial playing field further and make fly-fishing more of an equal-opportunity endeavour.

Judge's report

Magnus Angus summarises the quality of fly-tying skills submitted to the 2004-05 Fly-tying League. All the winners are listed, round by round.

Harvest festival time

Bev Perkins looks forward to the winds of September when corixa are blown onto the reservoirs.

Textbook Tying

In his latest instalment, Mick Huffer introduces a new - and excellent - saltwater shrimp imitation.

Cambrian's rich pickings

Drama, pathos, majestic beauty . . . if you haven't fished Llyn Clywedog before, you simply must. Charles Jardine reports.

An Orkney saga

The Orkney Angling Club celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Allan Liddle travelled north to take part.


August 2005

Quantity: at £3.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £6.00 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.20 (Rest of the World)

Peaty perfection

Malcolm Greenhalgh uncovers some grilse patterns for fishing Ireland's salmon spate rivers and gives a nod to Col. Robert Venables.

Beating the summertime blues

When damselflies hatch, Bev Perkins turns to his top dropper.

Stock out of control

Should we be concerned about stocking wild trout in wild waters? Stan Headley reports.

Murrough minefield

When he seeks total trout commitment, Irish angler Jim Seymour goes out at night.

Emerging truth

EXCLUSIVE! - What's really going on down there? Bob Wyatt sees the trout's perspective with the underwater insect photography of Takashi Yoshida.

Sending out an SOS

When trout refuse to co-operate, Peter Hayes turns to this fly for dire emergencies.

The return of the King

Pat O'Reilly charts the return to glory of Cardiff's River Taff.

Getting the measure of rods

FF&FT rod reviewer Magnus Angus uses a common cents method to quantify rod actions and stiffness.

Textbook Tying

In his latest instalment, Mick Huffer ties a tiny Goldhead pattern

The curious fly tyer - No. 19

Gone fishin' . . . Bill Logan writes from Montana.

Harperrig resurrected

Local landowners have taken over a brown trout haven near Edinburgh. Drew Jamieson tells you what to expect.

Majoring on the minor

Peter Lapsley takes us through the nuances of nymph fishing on the chalkstreams and suggests some patterns.

Residential candidates

Don't frighten them, induce them. George Barron has some special variants for those summer 'residents'.


July 2005


It's wild mountain time

Will ye' go? Scottish loch fishing, there's nothing like it. Allan Liddle tells us how to approach - and get the best from - Scottish loch fishing.

Days and nights of bass and sea trout

Mark Bowler travels to Devon and offers some 'friendly' advice about the county's best-kept secret - fishing for bass and sea trout on the fly.

The charr of the land over there

Chris McCulley is captivated - indeed, charr-med - by the abundance of Greenland.

Angling's avengers

Peter Lapsley is an enthusiastic supporter of the Anglers' Conservation Association. Here he tells why it is worthy of your support, too.

The hills are alive

George Barron says June and July are when the Welsh mountain lakes can provide fast, furious sport all day

Half-inching salmon

When all others fail you, try salmon tube-flies, says Yuri Shumakov.

Reverential flies

The Rev. Edward Powell was a lone voice in seeking recognition for the fly-fishing traditions of the Border country between England and Wales. Chris Knowles sings his praises.

Floating lures for sea trout

In investigating the variety of lures that will bring sea trout crashing to the surface, Malcolm Greenhalgh recalls the late Hugh Falkus, latterly to become guru of the world of sea trout fishing.

Deconstructing Gary

Bob Wyatt scrutinises the late Gary LaFontaine's theories on fly design, and one of nature's paradoxes in particular.

The curious fly tyer - No. 18

As we contemplate chubby beetles tumbling into the stream we must quit thinking like traditionalists if we wish to cash in on their misfortune, says Bill Logan; it's easy to tie flies that wallow - has it ever occurred to you that yours may be doing it poorly? he asks.

Textbook Tying

Mick Huffer ties a Stimulator, an irresistible and versatile American fly, and gives us 12 tips.

Sock it to them

Neil Patterson looks back on a period of high fly-tying creativity that produced the Suspender nymph - and a Mayfly pattern that never got the credit it deserved.


June 2005


24/7 on the fly

FF&FT editor Mark Bowler visited Norway last summer to experience all-night twilight fishing for tout, grayling and pike.

The Way

Ever get days when everything clicks? Ever wonder how you might achieve this more regularly? Bob Wyatt considers the essential requirements for entering 'the zone'

The curious fly tyer - No. 17

Hackle colour can be a bit of a minefield to understand. In Bill Logan's latest installment he guides us safely through it.

Au naturel

In Russ Dyer's selection of flies for June he shows his preference for flies that suggest natural food, and focuses on their natural appearance.

Textbook Tying

Mick Huffer ties the Bitch Creek Nymph, a strange but versatile beast with lots of trigger points and a proven 'standby' pattern.

The thin end of the wedge

Andrew Allen expresses his concern over manufacturers' keenness to phase out double taper lines, stressing that river anglers will be the main ones to suffer.

Low-water lies and flies

Robert McHaffie gets the most from low-flowing salmon rivers by combining movement with shape on salmon flies. Why use Fritz? Why not!

Are you a dedicated Spider fisher?

Sandy Nelson has combined the Spider style with cul de canard to a form dun imitations which out-score his parachute dries.

Lifting the white curse

Bright summer evenings can trigger massive Caenis hatches. With fish rising in abundance how do we get them to take our representation?

All passion for spent

Mayfly time on Irish loughs could never be described as 'duffer's fortnight'. Malcolm Greenhalgh ties his two imitations which fool most of the trout most of the time.


May 2005


Trout's eye view

Does fly line colour matter?

Putting in the hard yards

How to become a hot rod.

Salmo's big month

May - your best chance for a springer.

Introducing... the Shuttleshuck

The emerger for over-wintered fish.

Whistle-stop Shetland

Island-hopping for wild trout.

The darling bugs of May

3 current stillwater essential patterns for the month.

Dry fly PhD

For educated trout.

Public & prolific

An in-depth look at the River Teifi.

Footloose in Paradise

Do-It-Yourself Slovenia.

Olive explosion!

Prepare for this year's big hatch.


April 2005


Spring essentials

The latest salmon flies from Scotland.

Chop-and-change leader

A versatile rig for today's river fisher.

Transitional traditionals

Duckfly/Olive combinations for Ireland..

Spring pilgrimage

Why does Malcolm Greenhalgh say the River Usk is one of the best places to visit early season?

Enough grunt

Combine knowledge with today's cheaper and lighter outfits to produce big trout, with Bob Wyatt.

Born on the breeze

Peter Lapsley notes the growing importance of terrestrial insects to trout and river fishers.

Build It Yourself

Alan Brown continues his rod-building series by adding the rings and the finishing touches.

The curious fly tyer

Bill Logan borrows from childhood to solve those flat-bodied Heptagenid Nymph problems.

The expert, the inexperienced and the executioner

Follow Neil Patterson's journey to Norway's Stjordal as he tries to catch the first salmon of the season.

Textbook Tying

Tie the Flue Brush and Tricolore variants with Mick Huffer.

Mastering the Midge, Part 2

Davy Wotton explains how and where to present your tiny fly for the best results.

Fingers on the Buzzers

April tying and take-reading situations

Chop and change

Jeremy Lucas has perfected one adaptable leader set-up for dry-fly, wet-fly and Nymph fishing.

Where God fishes

Step into 'dead man's shoes' on Lewis.

Licensed to roam!

Rove the North on a single trout ticket.

Tayside's treble chance

Join Alastair Gowans on the Tay's eastern reaches to find budget salmon.

Under new management

Central Belt trouting: what's in it for you?


March 2005


FREE! Fly-fishing in Ireland 2005 16-page, full-colour Supplement

Trout and pike in Co Meath's historic Boyne Valley; The great fishing at Screebe; Mayo's secret spate river; 11 great duck-fly loughs

Discover wild trout from unique places

Haweswater in the Lake District, a lake that consistently outperforms its reputation; a wee river just south of the Dalwhinnie distillery; The Upper Severn and Onny Vale.

9 deadly Spiders

Add to your armoury! Tie the simplest - and deadliest - flies with Mick Huffer, and read some of the secrets he shares.

The bare necessities

Stan Headley reveals his central core of patterns which catch him most of his early season fish.

Icelandic silver

And gold. If you like the sound of Iceland's prolific salmon run, then discover what its added attraction might just be.

A moving experience

Capture a salmon with Alastair Gowans. He says a fly's movement is key in gaining their interest, especially in slow water.

The power behind the books

Peter Lapsley meets Paul Morgan, proprietor of Wales' Coch-y-Bonddu Books. But that's not all: Paul is also an accomplished game angler, saltwater fly-fisher, publisher and author.

Master the Midge - Part 1

If you agree that leader make-up is crucial to tiny fly presentation, don't miss Davy Wotton's series.

Mind your language!

Your language to describe trout behaviour, that is. Bob Wyatt gives the low-down.

Build It Yourself

Part 3 of our popular rod-building series. This issue, Alan Brown puts the pieces together.


February 2005


Red-hot larva

Bloodworms literally carpet our stillwaters. Don't neglect them this year - Mick Huffer ties his Flexi-Floss Gold Bead Bloodworm.

America's casting king

Alastair Gowans interviews Steve Rajeff, one of the world's finest casters and fly fishers.

Good vibrations!

Fact: pike are attracted to noise. Get in on the action with a unique design to up the decibel count.

Permit: a professional approach

Fly fishing's most exhilarating fish? Definitely one of the most cussed. Find out how to increase your chances of success with permit.

Grayling about-turn

A time for a re-think on dry fly presentation? See the difference for yourself.

Kicking Bumbles into touch

Tie this version of the Bumble - it has better shape, more kick, and a much neater finish.

Shrimp gets subtle

Discover this Shrimp fly, which scores well with Scottish salmon.

Top of the Don

Is this the ultimate wild-trouter's dream river? Allan Liddle thinks so.

Burning love

Why there's nothing better than having a Scottish burn all to yourself.

River flies

A beacon for environmental quality Peter Lapsley shares how anglers can help conserve and enhance our riverfly populations.


In the January issue we kicked off a new series on building your own fly rod. This issue, we set out the materials and tools to get you under way with your own custom-built 9ft, four section rod for a #5 line, and provide you with the rod-building contacts you need.


January 2005


Weaving Masterclass

Oliver Edwards demonstrates how you can shuttle weave to produce Polish Nymphs and many other fly patterns.

Bass boom!

Why UK coastal sport is set to explode.

Looks and charm

Tie and fish this salmon classic.

Grayling low-down

Winter tactics for big surprises.

Cup of plenty

Simple invention lends lifelike swimming action to Baitfish.

The supreme wet fly?

Love it or hate it, but don't fish without it.

Saltwater secrets

Lefty's latest tips

Handle with care

Is catch-and-release a dangerous tool?


The DIY rod-building course starts here!

Casting clinic

How not to get knotted in boats

Painful abstraction

Is this what's causing our insect decline?

The wilder West

Drift-boating in Montana

5 Daylight lamps and accessories to be won!


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