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November 2003


Chasing the lady

Peter Rothwell reveals his favourite grayling flies

Meet Lefty Kreh

Alastair Gowans talks to the man dubbed America's greatest fly fisher, Lefty Kreh

Trigger happy

John Goddard develops a devastating new emerger along Klinkh

Pigs can fly!

Duncan Egan has found the addition of pig's bristles to his salmon flies appears to improve their attraction to recalcitrant fish

At home with the Shastas

Peter Lapsley fishes for Shasta rainbows in their home rivers

Ritz revisited

Geoffrey Bucknall explains Ritz-stlye casting with light-line rods

Bug style

Dave Calvert and Stuart Crofts get set for Bugging November

Cane still able

Graham Swanson argues the case for cane rods

Blae & Black

Mick Huffer demonstrates how to tie the Blae & Black, the pattern which proves that exact imitation is sometimes not as effective as general representation

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie considers the relationship between trout and grayling; and recalls the writer who taught him about tackle and tactics

Europe competes on a wee island

Bob Wyatt reports from the 2003 European Fly Fishing Championships on Islay

Northern Climes

Rod McGill challenges the Scottish Executive's support for salmon farmers

In Socrates' shoes

How to teach fly tying


October 2003


October harvest

Alastair Gowans divulges how and where to find 'back-end' salmon sport in Scotland

Grayling take the bait

Unconventional grayling tactics

At a snail's pace

Malcolm Greenhalgh dissects floating snails

The Polystickle

Mick Huffer shows how to tie Dick Walker's famous transparent fry, and introduces a couple of interesting presentation options to consider

Light work

Geoffrey Bucknall explains the pleasures and necessities of light line fishing

Salmon on the brink

Malcolm Greenhalgh details new factors affecting the future of salmon stocks

Typically tropical tuna

Dave Lewis tackles bluewater tuna

Familiarity breeds success

Alan Bithell gives a step-by-step account of his imitative winging technique

Bright lights of Bewl

Pete rLapsley profiles the people who make Bewl a leading reservoir

Fact or fallacy?

Marvin Nolte debunks the notion that 'dry flies evolved from wet flies'

Battleships, bi-planes and catwalk models

David Calvert and Stuart Crofts prepare us for October's grayling sport

Tricks of the trade

Chocolate thorax covers, cat-fur dubbing, and a way to recycle old speakers

All change on swollen Agivey

Gwilym Hughes reports from the Rivers International, held this year in Ireland

Stillwater scene

Mickey Bewick lets us into a few Booby secrets; and Charles Jardine is struck by the Lightning Bug

Cauld at Invercauld

Allan Liddle fishes Kander Lochan and Loch Callater in the Cairngorms


September 2003


A certain killer

Nick Sawyer divulges the family secrets of fishing for grayling with Killer Bugs

In a class of their own

Malcolm Greenhalgh explains the finer points of fishing Spider flies

For the love of cane

Peter Lapsley meets British cane rod experts, and asks why many anglers still prefer to fish with cane

Head first

Ronald Sutherland changes the balance of his flies in favour of conehead salmon tubes


Armando Quazzo offers advice on fly fishing in the Mediterranean

The bare necessities

John Goddard ties three astonishingly simple, but killing patterns

Pollack ahoy!

Henry Gilbey discovers the power of pollack

Pale and interesting

David Calvert and Stuart Crofts anticipate the return of September dry fly sport

Sewin by daylight

Paul Morgan puts his mini-tubes into practice

Deepest claret

Gwilym Hughes reports from the Ladies' Home Internnational and discloses how Buzzers can be fished deep from a drifting boat

Fact or fallacy?

Ally Gowans questions the received wisdom which says 'chose a dark fly on a dull day

What a difference a year makes

Lough Currane takes another step forward thanks to the efforts of the Waterville Fisheries Development Group

Stirling browns

Allan Liddle visits the Carron Valley reservoir

A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie welcomes the return of otters; and suggests some less famous chalkstreams for true wild sport

Textbook Tying

Mick Huffer ties The Merkin, an excellent crab pattern

Stillwater scene

Mick Bewick has a better way to palmer; whilst Charles Jardine ties a Jelly Roll Fry

Designer Daddies

Ted Malone traces the developing story of the Daddy-Long-Legs


August 2003


Daylight sea trout

Paul Morgan finds mini-tubes to be highly effective in low water and during daylight

Caddis know-how

David Calvert and Stuart Crofts tackle the full sedge life-cycle

Salmon secret

Mick Huffer ties the Tadpole, a spring salmon fly for all season

What's your style?

Why different salmon rods suit different casters

Creep and peep

Bob Wyatt offers advice on stalking in low summer levels, calling on his New Zealand experience for results

Top of the lochs

Allan Liddle previews the Scottish venue for the 2003 European Fly Fishing Championshps

Fact or fallacy?

Vance Evans ponders on deer-hair

Big Secret Bee

Part 2. Bill Logan provides the essential techniques for dressing a tan foam bee

Cometh the hour

Peter Lapsley profiles Dr Nick Giles, chairman of the Environment Agency team tasked with writing the National Trout and Grayling Strategy

Dressing Mrs Tiggywinkle

Stan Headley's definitive tying of the Sedgehog, one of the most versatile and effective modern trout flies

Devonshire cream

Mark Bowler fishes for sea trout in the River Dart

One good turn

Alastair Gowans reveals a slightly different turle knot which has served him well for many years

Gene genie

Grandson of the legend, Nick Sawyer brings traditional river keepering to bear on modern chalkstream problems

Eyes left

Gwilym Hughes' new-look sedge pupa imitation are proving popular with trout

Amazon bites!

Malcolm Greenhalgh heads into deepest Amazonia and the toothy delights of the rainforest


July 2003


Beetles' latest hits

Neil Patterson finds South African trout tactics translate as an ideal high summer approach for the UK

Dry fly masters

Who was the greatest ever dry-fly fisher?

Salmon lines and AFTM

Ally Gowans wonders if AFTM stands for A Fictitious Tangled Mess?

Extreme charr

Fishing the far edge of wilderness

The lure of the Snake

How to charm big sea trout

Fact or fallacy?

Bev Perkins asks if genetic hackles are right for all fly tying

In the pink

John Horsfall uses a new technique for the Moseley May

The MH Pike Fly

Tie this simple, adaptable fly for trout anglers who are tempted into thinking about tackling pike

Traditional crystal

Taking a second look at crystal chenile

Blue-winged opportunities

Dave Calvert and Stuart Crofts fish July's classic fly hatch

Hammer time

Bill Logan puts his own stamp on foam terrestrial patterns

Capital trout

Allan Liddle finds quality trout fishing outside Edinburgh

Bridgett's diary

Patterns from long-lost letters of RC Bridgett


June 2003


Thump in the night

Mark Bowler has a strategic re-think of his sea trout tactics

Spey surprise

Trout where you least expect them

What a pain!

Malcolm Greenhalgh responds to recent claims that fish feel pain

Beat the boilie

Fish surface flies for carp

Yellow Mays, Mays and Yellow Sallies

Dave Calvert and Stuart Crofts outline the bugs to expect on rivers in June

Sparkler Wet

Mick Huffer ties a more subtle Sparkler

Different strokes

Ally Gowans puts rod actions into context

One Gun

Bob Wyatt fishes his top Deer Hair Sedge

Tucking up

Paul Arden and Charles Jardine explain how to get and use a high back-cast

Fish till you drop

Terry Lawton investigates charr and grayling fishing in Swedish Lapland

Circle Budgies uncaged

Bev Perkins ties and fishes a lure dressed on circle-hooks

The Unsinkable

Peter Rothwell ties an Unsinkable parachute fly

In pursuit of polluters

Profiling Bob James, PR man for the ACA

Two little devils

Albert Horne writes the history of the Diawl Bach

Brand new Buttons

Gwilym Hughes fishes and ties his way through an Irish hatch of Welshman's Buttons

Why do you tie flies?

Marvin Nolte makes up his mind


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