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Floss threaders


Perfect bobbin threaders

A cheat really, Faruk Ekich (www.automaticbobbin.com) included a pack of  dental ‘floss threaders’ with his bobbin holder. These are perfect bobbin threaders. It's difficult to score or damage my bobbin tube with a nylon loop designed to be pushed between teeth. They’re available from most chemists, and online, at no more than a couple of pounds for a pack of five.

Feed the threader part way through the tube, pull thread through the loop, pull the threader through. Quick and clean – my holder is undamaged, I have not sucked a fluffy, wee, waxy ball of grot out of my bobbin tube and this works equally well with the finest and heaviest threads.

Read Magnus' review of the Ekich bobbin holder by clicking HERE.

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