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Better Bumbles

Davy McPhail demonstrates a slightly more advanced method for tying Bumbles

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Dun and dustered

Bob Wyatt adds some magic to the veteran Grey Duster to produce an eye-catching set of dry flies

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Austrailia’s new bones | Subscriber Only

Bob Wyatt uncovers the big bonefish flats fishing destination of New Caledonia, 2 hours from Sydney

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The Super Grizzly Emerger

Mike Huffer tries one of John Goddard's highly effective river patterns

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Mastering the dark art | Subscriber Only

Statistics show that the average sea trouter catches one fish every eight outings. Pat O'Reilly shows how to boost this average

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A new flame

Duncan Egan ties his hot salmon fly, the Flamethrower

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Pigs can fly

Duncan Egan ties the useful Boar-bristle Shrimp and demonstrates how he fishes it in a special way.

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Beating a heatwave | Subscriber Only

Mike Duxbury combats a warm reservoir during high summer

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Battleships, Biplanes and Catwalk Models | Subscriber Only

Dave Calvert and Stuart Crofts tie imitative grayling flies for mid-October on the river

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Bites on a curly wurly | Subscriber Only

Charles Jardine describes a hyper-sensitive take-detection system for nymphing slow, smooth river flows, using coiled Stren.

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