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The Hairy Hotchkiss

Chris Sandford takes us through how to tie the 'Hairy Hotchkiss'.

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Harbingers of spring

Peter Lapsley describes the river fly fisher's four harbingers of spring – the March Brown, the grannom, the Large Dark Olive and the Hawthorn – and ties the March Brown Nymph, March Brown SPider, March Brown Emerger, March Brown Dun, PT&HE Nymph, Goddard's Super Grizzly, Grannom Pupa, Grannom Dry and Hawthorn Fly

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Make do, or mend? | Subscriber Only

Alastair Gowans says control of the salmon fly after casting is vital to success, and explains why upstream mending and downstream mending is sometimes vitally important

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Is your fly behaving properly? | Subscriber Only

Malcolm Greenhalgh describes the various casts a river fly fisher can use to increase his or her success

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Loch style, short-lining and | Subscriber Only

Stan Headley explains the terminology and tactics when fishing 'over the front' of a drifting boat

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Doing your homework | Subscriber Only

45 sea trout in six days? Dave Grove says that studying prevailing conditions in the watershed and in the sea can contribute significantly to success

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Reaping the olive harvest | Subscriber Only

Midlands fly fisher, Bev Perkins alerts the observant reservoir angler to superb top-of-the-water sport that often goes unnoticed from mid-May onwards

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Master the Midge, II

Davy Wotton explains how, what and where to present your tiny fly for best results

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Mastering the Midge, I

Davy Wotton fine-tunes his tackle for tiny fly presentation and argues that leader make-up is crucial

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Tying Spiders

Mick Huffer ties Spiders

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