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Hackling with rabbit

Magnus Angus winds on a rabbit strip hackle

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Body-building with Fritz

Magnus Angus discusses achieving neater, tighter, more controlled tying with chenile

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Quality control

Steve Cooper tells us what we should be looking for when it comes to selecting good feathers for our flies

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Hair today: a consumer’s guide | Subscriber Only

Ross MacDonald looks at the new hairs and furs on the market for salmon fly tyers

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Using copper-core dubbing brush

Magnus Angus has another fly-tying tip

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The final instar

Oliver Edwards divulges that his bringing together of beads and moulded, flexible leg parts has created the ultimate, realistic fishing Nymph

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Gift-wrapped Shrimp

Barry Ord Clarke uses decorative Organdie ribbon and uv-cure resin to create a simple, lifelike and devastating imitation

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Cape buying tips

More fly-tying pointers from Magnus Angus

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Thread carefully

Magnus Angus shows how your tying thread colour can affect the appearance of the fly body

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Floss threaders

Perfect bobbin threaders

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