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The invisible link | Subscriber Only

Alastair Gowans explains why leader length and make-up is a critical component of good fly presentation, and covers the join; the taper 'two thirds' rule; working out the taper and the ' two inch' test; and 'X' sizes monofilament.

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A bad case of buck fever | Subscriber Only

James Paterson is an addict to the adrenaline rush provided by billfish in bluewater. Here, he describes how the skipper works the boat and what is expected of the angler

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The long and short of it | Subscriber Only

Stan Headley describes why fly rods come in a range of different lengths, from six feet right through to twelve feet

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Monofilament tips and advice | Subscriber Only

Stan Headley considers monofilament choice for the fly angler, explaining tightening knots, use of saliva, storage, and considers the advantages and disadvantages of fluorocarbon and co-polymer, listing his personal favourites.

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Beyond the limit | Subscriber Only

Malcolm Greenhalgh considers the need for salmon hatcheries, comparing wild versus stocked fish and looking at the salmon hatchery theory, salmon ranching, stocking with smolts, the Tyne experience, and considers the role of habitat.

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Doyen of Donegal | Subscriber Only

John Todd meets John McLaughlin, forward-thinking angler of Donegal's rivers Eany, Owenea, Gweebarra, Lackagh, Finn, Mourne, Lennon and Reclin and shows his flies: Eany Tailfire, Holographic Silver Cascade, and Lackagh Red Shrimp.

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The size of it

Dave Southall says there are times when choice of fly-size can be crucial, and gives his two tiny flies with a big reputation - the Bead-head Pheasant Tail Pupa and the Hackle-less Black Gnat.

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The Experienced Angler

Mark Bowler considers how choice of nylon and hooks can affect the knots you use, including Turle Knot, Conon Knot, Double Turle Knot, Tucked Blood Knot, and Clifford Knot.

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Blowin’ in the wind

George Barron calls on his experience of the Brenig, Conn, Chew Valley and Loch Harray to choose the three flies he'd depend on for a red-letter day in fair wind and a rolling wave.

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An embarrassment of riches

Peter Lapsley examines the wealth of insect life in May and guides the fly fisher through the pitfalls with his PTHE Nymph, Parachute Black Gnat, Hawthorn, Aw Shucks, Thorax Iron Blue Dun & CdC Olive Emerger.

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