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The floating vote

Magnus Angus takes a look at the range of floating lines on offer today and compares their relative attributes

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Micro dries

Jeremy Lucas yearns for the river to be low and clear, for then he can put his downstream micro-dry presentation into practice.

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National selection

Peter Lapsley examines the differences in flies and fishing styles throughout the various regions of the British Isles, and asks why local patterns work so well.

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Eastern promise

Dave Southall finds out for himself how effective the Japanese tenkara technique is on the UK

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The ups and downs

Andrew Cartwright has found a way to control fishing depth with a sliding dry fly.

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To drogue, or not to drogue? | Subscriber Only

Stan Headley looks at how the drift of the boat can be controlled by a drogue and analyses its use for brown trout and rainbow trout.

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Picky winter grayling

Gordon Mackie explains why a wide selection of fly patterns and styles is a good tactic for picky winter grayling.

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The whole shooting match | Subscriber Only

Lee Cummings says a shooting head can present a fly delicately, providing it is made properly. Here, he discusses shooting running lines, matching rods to lines, cashing shooting heads, and making a loop at the rear of the head.

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Grease is the word | Subscriber Only

Stan Headley explains when Mucilin grease should be used by fly fishers, and when mud - or Xinc - should be used to degrease the leader.

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A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie says that a mid-summer evening rise can be frustrating, unless you can get your presentation tactics spot-on for spurwings, pale evening duns, blue-winged olives and pale wateries.

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