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  • By Mark Bowler

    Under pressure

    Published On: 03.08.22|

    One of those nights when physics rules the fishing Pressure falling... not good. It all looked good from the office window. The cloud had thickened, it was warm, and there were a few fish in ...

  • By Allan Liddle

    Tying the Dirty Deer Hair Emerger

    Published On: 27.06.22|

    How to incorporate grizzle hackle into the Deer Hair Emerger The Dirty DHE adds more bulk to the wing for fishing heavier, rougher water. Despite the love I have for omitting materials where I can ...


  • Published On: 28.07.22

    Fly fishing in the Balkans

    Fly Fishing in northern Macedonia and Bulgaria for trout, ohrid trout, chub and carp and learning Czech and Euro-style Nymphing

  • Lake Vyrnwy
    Published On: 12.04.22

    130 years of Lake Vyrnwy

    In 1889 a land was lost, an engineer smiled, but tears ran down the cheeks of relocated residents, like the first heavy raindrops soaking the dammed Llandwyddn Valley. As ...

  • Published On: 01.04.22

    Fitting a fly line and backing to a reel

    How to fit a fly line and backing to a reel, so it fills the spool perfectly


  • Published On: 25.07.22

    Marryat Tactical Pro 9ft 6in #6/7

    Review of a Marryat Tactical Pro 9ft 6in #6/7 small stillwater/ river rod

  • Published On: 17.06.22

    Semperfli kapok dubbing

    Review of kapok a natural, fine, allergy-free vegetable dry fly dubbing

  • Published On: 27.04.22

    Minn Kota Endura 45lb 12V electric outboard

    I've always had a hankering to own an electric outboard. Not necessarily to get around a water, but for the various controls that it can lend whilst fishing, especially ...


  • Published On: 20.07.22

    Technique to tie a parachute hackle on a quill-bodied dry fly

    Learn the technique for tying a parachute hackle around a post, a stripped-quill body, and a coq de Leon tail to produce an effective dry fly

  • Published On: 22.04.22

    ‘Cheats’ to make parachute posting and hackling easier

    Struggling to tie parachute dry flies? Here are a few tricks and cheats to make the job a bit easier

  • Published On: 29.03.22

    Weaving techniques to tie a two-tone Caddis Nymph with Oliver Edwards

    Oliver Edwards demonstrates how to weave a two-tone Caddis Nymph, by over-hand knotting two yarns

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