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  • By Mark Bowler

    When spring trout refuse to rise

    Published On: 07.05.24|

    Wet-fly and Nymph tactics for when trout refuse to show on the surface Trophy brown trout from a small tributary. Last time I wrote of the dearth of insects and rising fish on my early ...

  • By Mark Bowler

    Three lessons from early season on the river

    Published On: 24.04.24|

    Casting Bead-heads into a gale; using tippet-rings, and a sure-fire cold-water Nymph Red on a bead-head Nymph often saves the day in cold water. The season so far for me has been one of discovery. ...

  • A classically hooked salmon, the hook in the scissors of the jaw.
    Published On: 28.03.24

    How to hook a salmon

    Alastair Gowans looks at the ways salmon take a fly and what this means for the fly angler in terms of hooking a fish

  • Published On: 28.03.24

    The secret to catching more mullet

    Seasoned mullet fly-fisher, Colin MacLeod, is convinced that red in a fly pattern is the secret to catching more mullet

  • giant milkfish caught on fly
    Published On: 28.03.24

    Milkfish in the Seychelles

    Tony Richards recounts a meeting with a huge milkfish in the Seychelles, the awesomely powerful, algae-grazing leviathans of the Indo-Pacific

  • Marryat HX 10ft fly rod
    Published On: 15.03.24

    Marryat 10ft #4/5 Tactical HX Limited Edition Fly Rod

    Built for modern Nymphing: The Marryat 10ft #4/5 Tactical HX Limited Edition Fly Rod The Marryat 10ft #4/5 Tactical HX Limited Edition Fly Rod comes in a chunky rectangular aluminium tube – large, relatively heavy, very robust, room for a couple of rods and, frankly, excellent! The rod itself is four-piece and comes with a ...

  • Published On: 27.11.23

    Pre-tied cock pheasant fibre Daddy and Hopper legs

    Ready-tied Cock Pheasant Knotted Tails and Daddy Legs and Hopper Legs from Veniard About 13cm section (5 inches) from a cock pheasant tail. Individual fibres on both ...

  • Published On: 03.05.23

    Wizz tools attach by magnetism

    Magnetic tools including Tungsten-carbide Nippers, Nippers, Hook Sharpeners and Peang multi-tool 

  • Published On: 17.05.24

    Be prepared for the Mayfly with this detached-body Dun

    Oliver Edwards uses foam, moose hair and thread to create a detached body Mayfly Dun dry fly with a deer-hair wing, ready for the imminent Mayfly – green drake – hatch. Watch more of Oliver's videos at:

  • Published On: 20.03.24

    Tying the Silver Fritz Humungous

    How to tie the Silver Fritz Humungous – a bead-chain eyed combination of black marabou, silver flash and grizzle hackle – tied by Magnus Angus for fishing early season ...

  • Published On: 19.01.24

    Modern ways with Waddington shanks

    Magnus Angus demonstrates how the Waddington shank can be used to carry a single hook, and how this can relate to it being used for salmon and sea trout ...

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