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  • By Mark Bowler

    Does this film rival ‘A River Runs Through It’?

    Published On: 01.12.23|

    Will 'Mending the Line', set in Montana, have the same explosive effect on fly-fishing participation as Brad Pitt and Robert Redford's 'A River Runs Through It'? The film, like 'A River Runs Through It' is set in ...

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    Fly Fishing and Fly Tying subscriptions

    Published On: 13.11.23|

    Subscribe to the UK's most dedicated fly fishing and fly tying magazine Inside every issue, we have reams of general fishing and fly tying features, expert advice on tactics, new flies, historical patterns, advice, tackle reviews, news and so ...

  • man in river fishing for trout in tuscany
    Published On: 25.09.23

    Trout fishing in Tuscany

    John Capowski heads to four markedly different rivers for Trout fishing in Tuscany and Umbria regions of Italy.

  • the 10 best river flies
    Published On: 11.09.23

    The 10 best river patterns

    Once in position to cast to a fish, it’s important that the fly is the correct one. Here, Dave Southall gives us the 10 best river patterns to exploit most situations

  • the blue lady sea trout fly
    Published On: 01.09.23

    Northumberland sea trout fly

    Leigh Final has spent many years fishing Northumberland's river Coquet for sea trout. Here, he gives us the definitive pattern on which he pins his faith

  • Published On: 27.11.23

    Pre-tied cock pheasant fibre Daddy and Hopper legs

    Ready-tied Cock Pheasant Knotted Tails and Daddy Legs and Hopper Legs from Veniard About 13cm section (5 inches) from a cock pheasant tail. Individual fibres on both sides of the stem are knotted twice. Sections of cock pheasant tail with knots tied in each individual fibre. In my opinion, a ...

  • Published On: 03.05.23

    Wizz tools attach by magnetism

    Magnetic tools including Tungsten-carbide Nippers, Nippers, Hook Sharpeners and Peang multi-tool 

  • Published On: 12.04.23

    Stonfo Trimmer tool

    Stonfo Trimmer Tool for surgical precision cutting and picking at the vice

  • Published On: 27.11.23

    Tying a Shipman’s Buzzer

    Shipman's Buzzer is a superb emerger to use when midges (buzzers) are hatching from the surface of a stillwater or reservoir. It can be fished static or pulled.

  • Published On: 03.05.23

    Tying a foam-bodied Hawthorn fly

    Hawthorn flies are terrestrial insects that often fall onto rivers and stillwater in April and May. This is a foam-bodied, long-legged imitation to use when fish are taking them ...

  • Published On: 20.04.23

    Britain’s Hidden Fishes trailer

    Jack Perks' underwater filming of Britain Hidden Fishes, which is  presented by Jeremy Wade and premiered recently in Bristol

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