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  • By Allan Liddle

    Depth at the double

    Published On: 26.10.21|

    When you want to fish the fly deep in fast flows and white water, the a double-beaded Nymph is sometimes the only way to go... It’s all about weight when fishing nymphs and sometimes it’s a ...

  • By Mike Duxbury

    Switch-rod nitty gritty

    Published On: 05.08.21|

    When it comes to Switch rods, it is possible to get in deep and over your head very quickly.  The switch rods (matched with either a skagit or scandi head) that are currently available, are actually on the whole, ...


  • Published On: 15.07.21

    Winter dry fly on Grafham

    It's mid-December, and Charles Jardine heads to Grafham Water to fish dry fly with Peter De Kremer.

  • Published On: 01.07.21

    Astonished at Ardtornish

    Allan Liddle travels deep into Morvern to discover remote hill-loch fishing alongside a small spate-river migratory fish system at Ardtornish Estate.

  • Published On: 01.07.21

    Stickleback diamonds

    Mike Duxbury adapts a Minkie to deal with the notoriously difficult problem of pin-fry feeding.


  • Published On: 31.07.21

    Snowbee Fly-vest/Back-pack

    Combination of a fishing waistcoat at the front, and a back-pack at the back for the mobile fly-fisher who combines hiking with fishing

  • Published On: 31.07.21

    Seaguar Soft Plus

    A supple fluorocarbon with high strength for diameter which knots well, designed for freshwater

  • Published On: 23.12.19

    Mackenzie NX1 10ft #4 4-piece

    Brand new, at the time of writing NX1 rods are just arriving in tackle shops.

Featured Videos

  • Published On: 27.10.21

    Oliver Edwards’ CdC Dun

    Oliver Edwards – of Fly Tyers Masterclass fame – ties his prototypical Dun pattern to imitate upwing duns from pale wateries, to March browns, to green drakes (mayflies) using the buoyant, high-floating properties of cul de canard (CdC).

  • Published On: 25.10.21

    Stronger peacock herl bodies

    Magnus Angus demonstrates how to make peacock herl bodies stronger and more durable by using two simple techniques.

  • Published On: 25.10.21

    How to tie the 16-20 knot

    This is a knot designed specifically for tying on flies with ultra-light tippet material. It can also be used for tying on the tiny 2-3 mm stainless-steel tippet-rings which ...

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