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Salter CC de France 7ft #4 3 piece

By Magnus Angus

Based on the classic CC de France.
Based on the classic CC de France.

This arrived nicely packaged in a slim, brushed-aluminium tube and canvas bag. I have in the past seen, but not cast, original CC de France rods, those were two sectioned, so I'd say this is more inspired by the classic CC de France than a slavish copy of the original rod.

Bearing in mind I cast carbon-fibre rods regularly, this rod feels so much slower, and how the rod responds as I move is different, and then, as my hand slows, how the rod moves me, so to speak. I have to consciously slow and smooth what I'm doing. Stop hard and this throws a wobble; smooth the stop and it casts a decent loop - a fairly wide loop, but consistent and reliable

Salter have these made in the UK. An interesting project. The maker's reasoning for making this a three-piece rod is convenience; frankly, I'm in two minds on that. I'm quite sure the extra metal joint confuses the issue, adds weight, and a tendency for the rod to vibrate if I make a hard stop. Then again, I like that the designer had the courage to re-imagine a classic design. That has meant adapting the original taper, plus a small swelled butt has been added – I believe that stiffens the butt.

The build quality is high, very good cork. The down-locking cork seat, with one sliding band holding the reel in place is light, effective and true to the original. The thread work is good, I like the dark tippings on each thread-wrap – that style was used on the original rods. Agate butt-ring, snakes sit low to the rod, much more British than the high American style snakes I normally see. The varnish finish is clean and nicely finished.

A well-made version of a classic? A well-made modern cane rod inspired by a classic? I think I go with the latter


WM Salter and Grandson 7ft #4
Sections: 3
Action Angle:  50 degrees.
Stiffness: 58.2g
Weight: 120.9g
Rings: One agate lined butt ring, snakes.
Handle: Cigar.
Fighting butt: No.
Cork quality: Excellent.
Reel Seat: Cork spacer, sliding band.
Blank: Natural split cane.
Thread: Tan with black tippings.
Build quality: Very high.
Rod Bag: Canvas.
Rod tube: Aluminium.
Price: £495 (£12.00 UK mainland shipping)

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