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Personal Flyfishing Guide, with Jonathan Boulton

By Magnus Angus

Well filmed and edited.
Well filmed and edited.

This centres on South African guide Jonathan Boulton, who demonstrates a wide selection of fishing, some fishing I know, rainbow and brown trout are pretty similar to UK waters and then native African fish, tigers, newbwe and yellowfish or barbel (small and large-mouth) which are certainly not like the fish in this country.

In some scenes Boulton narrates to camera, in others he over-dubs in post-production, explaining what was happening when, I assume, location sound failed or was too windy. Either way, the narration in this video works well, is interesting and informative.

Boulton is fluent and comfortable in front of the camera, his explanations are short and to the point, cover quite a lot of information – flies, fish, fishing tactics, knots, some tackle (yet I still don’t know what rod-and-line weights he uses for tigerfish or nembwe.)

The sections tend to be brief, but when I watched a section again and I realised there is often more information on offer than I thought the first time around.

Well filmed and edited. The camera changes angle; I see a fly from underwater, cut to that fly being sucked down by a fish, cut to Boulton lifting into the fish, cut to a different angle as Boulton plays his fish, cut to a closer position landing and then releasing the fish. Writing that may seem a bit odd but those are high production values, that is how a skilled videographer constructs a visual narrative – creates excitement, keeps my interest, shows me more, tells me more. Note, the tigerfish and nembwe fishing sections in this DVD are the same or essentially the same as the footage in River Tiger.

Boulton shows the freshwater fly fishing potential of southern Africa very well indeed, skilled fishing well explained – very tempting indeed!


Produced by Ezio Taranto for Merge
Price: £18.50 (comes as a package with extras)
From: mergeflyfishing.co.uk

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