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Greys G-Tec 350 reel

By Magnus Angus

Greys G-Tec 350 reel

The 350 has been coloured and styled to match the Greys G-Tec rod. It has a true large arbour, quick release spool, is counterbalanced, and has a big metal handle with three red o-ring set in the grip. The off-centre reel foot balances the reel nicely. A simple knurled drag knob adjusts the drag range: from off, through useful, to huge; the useful range is not over wide but the click-spaced adjustments are practical and the drag is smooth. It runs silent on the way in and purrs on the way out.

Another feature is the crisp, exact machining; all surfaces are smooth and beautifully finished. There’s no end-float between the body and spool. Inside, the works are well protected, not sealed. Switching hands means unscrewing a nut, flipping a bearing and tightening the nut – no tools required. At 172g (6.1oz) the 350 feels solid and robust.

To fill the 350 I moved a line and backing from a conventional small arbour reel onto a linewinder and then onto the 350. As the backing spread and filled the spool it became clear the capacity of the two reels was very different. So, back onto the linewinder, I removed some backing and refitted. The problem was mine not the 350’s – the conventional reel is a large capacity saltwater model. So the 350 ended up fitted with a WF7F line and 60m of 30lb braided Dacron backing. Given that any sane trout angler will fit 20lb backing – umm, well – the 350 can take plenty.

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