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Filson Foul Weather fly fishing vest

By Magnus Angus

"Some products just feel good, this is one of them."

Water resistant oiled-cloth keeps tackle dry, broad straps give a comfortable fit.
Water resistant oiled-cloth keeps tackle dry, broad straps give a comfortable fit.

Some products just feel good, this is one of them. That tactile appeal comes from the materials Filson have used, the fine waxed cotton, the wide soft webbing straps, those fairly massive brass zips and buckles and snap studs.

This has a small day-sack on the back and a couple of pocket units on the front, linked by webbing straps. The pack on the back is compact, enough room for waterproofs or a jacket, flask and snack, that sort of thing. Room for the essentials of a day on the river, not a full-on hiking rucksack.

On the front, the main zip closed pockets are surprisingly generous, each can swallow a couple of large fly boxes, plus several smaller stud closed pockets for tippet and tools and on my right I have a large fleece fly patch. (A fleece patch is fine place to dry flies on barbed hooks, hopeless for barb-less or de-barbed hooks.) The pockets all sit about belly height, where I want them really. Since straps form the 'body' of this I can adjust the dimensions, shorten the straps to raise or lower the pockets, open the straps to relax the fit when I add a heavy fleece under a wading jacket. No conventional waistcoat or fly vest gets even close to that level of convenience. This sample is Regular sized, I'd say this should fit up to XL at least, Filson also make a Super size.

Clearly oiled cloth is 'waterproof', and can be easily re-proofed, however Filson carefully and rightly describe this as water-resistant - unlike my regular waistcoat which soaks up water like a sponge and then take a day or so to dry out.
Unusual, exceptionally functional and exceptionally well specified and made. Filson is a US brand who make their products in the US, so there is a great deal of care and pride involved and to be honest it shows in the quality of this vest.


Price: £148
From: Filson,
9 Newburgh St.

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