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Teifi hit by anaerobic digester pollution again

Officers from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are investigating a river pollution incident in Ceredigion which occurred on June 6. The Afon Dulas which enters the Teifi in Lampeter, was polluted by effluent from an anaerobic digestion plant. Although this is the same type of pollution which polluted at least seven miles of the Teifi in December, the two incidents are not related and do not come from the same source. 

This incident occurred during a time of high flows in the river and, whilst containing the effluent was made more difficult, NRW was hoping the dilution might reduce the damage caused.

Since the incident, NRW officers have been working on the site to clear the remaining effluent from the site yard as they work to minimise any further pollution.

Ben Wilson, Ceredigion Operations Manager for NRW, said: “We’ve been able to confirm that the pollution has been stopped at source, but a large amount of this material had already gone in to the river.
NRW said it has had no indication at this point about the extent of the impact, but no dead fish have been seen or reported.

However, more effluent remains around the affected area in fields and ditches and NRW officers continue to monitor and review works carried out by a specialist company to prevent this reaching the wider environment.
“We are also working with the site operators to keep as much of it out of local streams and rivers as we can”, said Ben Wilson, Ceredigion Operations Manager for NRW.

“Our officers are collecting evidence on site that will be used as part of a review into what caused this incident”, he added.

Under current regulations, the site does not need an environmental permit to operate and therefore is not regulated by NRW.

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