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Teifi devastated by slurry pollution

Teifi devastated by slurry pollution

Thousands of salmon and sea trout have been killed in a pollution incident on the River Teifi, once one of the premier salmon and sea trout rivers in the UK. Farm slurry and an anaerobic digester situated in the Tregaron area have been implicated as the source of the pollution which was first notified on December 17, as many dead fish were seen being swept down in discoloured and foaming water.

Over 1,000 dead fish - salmon, sea trout and  brown trout - were recorded over seven miles of main river, in the same area where several youth fly fishing internationals have been held, and also where the memorial stone to Moc Morgan, one of Welsh angling's most famous sons, is situated. However, the next day, 20 miles downstream, the water was still discoloured and smelling, the fish-kill was rising, and reports are that the devastation could be massive. Control measures were put in place to stop the pollution spreading, but the Angling Trust has already stated, "The impact on fish stocks is likely to be very severe for up to a decade, and thousands of both local and visiting anglers who bring money into the Welsh economy will have their sport destroyed."

Many elderly anglers who have fished the river all their lives may not live to see it restored to its former glory."

Fish Legal, the membership association for angling clubs and fishery owners,  is investigating the Teifi pollution case to see if it can make a compensation claim for its member angling clubs and riparian owners who have been affected.

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