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Main parties back Manifesto for Angling prior to election

Cross-party pledges from Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties in response to The Angling Trust's Manifesto for Angling, which was published last week, promise committment tio angling in the next Parliament.

The 2017 Manifesto for Angling covers the following key areas:

  • A Brexit for fish and fishing
  • Responsible management of water
  • Recognition, promotion and access to angling
  • Environment fit for fish and wildlife

In response to it, the Conservatives promised: "The Conservative Party will continue to support angling and the numerous benefits – economic, environmental, social and health – it brings to communities and individuals alike. We are committed to being the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it and we will work with the angling community, harnessing its expertise and passion, to achieve this."

The Liberal Democrats said: "We are proud of our angling communities and our fisheries and will do what we can to protect and promote them. Their benefits to health and wellbeing, our sense of community and our economy are huge.”

Labour pledged: "Labour is strongly in support of fully transferring all the important EU environmental protections and we will oppose any attempts to weaken them once we have left the European Union. We welcome the publication of the 2017 Manifesto for Angling and will continue to work closely with the Angling Trust as we have done since your formation in 2009."

Angling Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd welcomed the cross-party commitment, saying: “We are delighted that all three of the main parties have responded positively and substantively to our Manifesto for Angling which demonstrates the political influence of the angling community as voters.

Mr Lloyd, who heads the Trust that represents anglers throughout England & Wales, added, "Over the eight years since the Angling Trust was formed, we have substantially increased recognition of the importance of angling to the environment, the economy, individuals and communities. We will be holding the next government to these promises to guarantee anglers’ rights and pressing them to do everything possible to protect fish stocks from a wide range of threats”.

Angling Trust Campaigns Chief, and former MP, Martin Salter added: "Anglers can go to the polls tomorrow safe in the knowledge that whichever party forms the next government they have given a cast iron commitment to protect the sport we all love. This is the benefit of having a strong and credible governing body with influence in Westminster that gets taken seriously."


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