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Fly Tying League Round 3 placings

The league placings for the 2016-17 Fly Tying League after the third round sponsored by the Angler's Lodge at Jubilee Lakes:


1 Przemyslaw Waclawski, Glasgow
2 David Hutchison, Dorset
3 Sebastian Bacewicz, Glasgow
4 I. D. Garfield, Worcester
4 Gary Gormley, Banffshire
4 Christopher Rothery, East Yorks.
4 Markus Eichel, Germany
4 Maya Pandya, Suffolk
9 Toby Leighton-Trew, Somerset
9 Mark McIntyre, Co. Antrim
11 Remi Fortin, Canada
11 Iain Mortimer, Bognor Regis
13 Andy Gray, Cockermouth
13 Stephen Ryan, Ireland
13 Robert Phillips, Mid Glamorgan
16 Gary Jones, London
16 George Cringan, East Lothian
18 John Lewis, Nottingham
19 David Anderson, Elgin
20 Allan W. Mason, Essex
21 Alan Wood, Surrey
22 Mal Bassett, Warks
23 Benjamin Hampton, Hampshire
24 William A Hood, Berwick-Upon-Tweed


1 Nick Candlish, Ayr
2 Hubert Janeczek, Poland
3 Ryan Houston, Co. Fermanagh
3 Wilf Pickup, Lancashire
5 Anton Hawkins, East Sussex
6 Terry Chippendale, Lancashire
7 John J. Ferguson, Scotland
8 Cliff Needs, Devon
9 Gwyneth Mooney, Lancashire
10 Rob Horgan, Hampshire
11 D. F. Griffiths, Merseyside
11 Michel Paquin, Canada
13 Tim Briggs, Cheshire
13 John Linthout, Belgium
13 Jerry Criss, USA
13 Ron Herbert, Stafford
13 Adam Collinson, C. Durham
13 Len Roberts, Anglesey
19 Robert McKenzie, Hampshire
20 William Feltham, West Glamorgan
21 Stewart Rosell, Co. Down
22 Paul Lockett, Kent
23 G. F. Armstrong, Lincoln
24 Andy Sturrock, Skye
25 Scott Gillies, Perth
26 Michael Lowther, Cumbria
27 K. B. Maylor, Preston
28 Robert Rosell, Co. Down
29 Dennis Hannar, Tyne & Wear
30 Alan Greene, Dundee
31 Martin Cooper, Staffordshire
32 Michael Beaty, Cumbria
32 Larry Niday, USA
34 Charlie McCrerie, Roxburghshire
35 Jim Ducy, USA
36 Lawrie McCallum, Edinburgh
37 Kevin Landolt, USA

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