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Much Improved at Scone

All the fun of the fair

The Editor recuperates from an exhausting show with a visit to the Gravity stand.
The Editor recuperates from an exhausting show with a visit to the Gravity stand.

Finally managed to find some time (and some energy) to complete a wee round up on a fantastic three day stint at the Scottish Game Fair at the start of July where I had the pleasure of tying on the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying stand.
After recent years Mark was approached to try and help with an improved ‘Anglers Row’ and the ‘Fly Fishing Mall’ was formed which proved to be both welcome as well as pretty busy over the event and my tying vice had to be left to ‘cool down’ again for a few days once I got home.
Not only was it very interesting but also some great craic which is what you’d want to look for in a show and it was also great to note so much positive feedback we received throughout, hopefully this can be carried forward and help make next years event even better / bigger.
Weather gods were pretty kind despite Thursday’s downpours for those setting up early meaning initially Friday was a little damp underfoot as well as pretty muddy in some bit, not so in our tent though I’m happy to say.  In fact it ended up getting quite hot, certainly enough to merit a few cooling / refreshing beers (perfect when you’ve been offered a lift) and ice-creams were passed around at one point.
Fun, friendly and relaxed was the general feel not too relaxed though, certainly not for yours truly as I powered my way through a good number of demonstrations and requests from keen anglers, in fact by the end I’d tied brown, salmon, sea trout and even a couple of salt water patterns, typical for a busy show the time passed in a blur.
One of the best parts though was the chance to grab a bit of welcome relaxation and Physiotherapy in the form of the ‘Gravity’ stand where angling stresses / strains and injuries were being addressed by the excellent Shane and Debs Murnaghan which has proved to be a real eye opener for me.  Always sceptical on these things I left it until Sunday morning before finally visiting (more like being summoned) and ended up wishing I’d done this so much sooner.  Huge thanks to then both not only for the session but also for the gift of the Gravity pack which I’ve used since returning home and amazed at how much improved my old ‘battle damaged and neglected’ frame has become.
Huge thanks also to Mark Bowler and the rest of the FFFT Team for a fantastic weekend, roll on next year when we can do it all again.

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