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Ain’t got no post-season blues

Autumn colours and rainbows at Millbuies, Spey days, and winter fly-tying sessions

Autumn colours and rising fish at Millbuies.
Autumn colours and rising fish at Millbuies.

With the end of this years wild trout season now rapidly becoming a distant memory what better way to put off the ‘close season blues’ with a wee foray out after some of the fantastic stocked trout we’re so lucky to have in the Moray area?
With the stunning autumn colours and the late summer like weather it would be a shame not to take advantage, (or at least that was my excuse for not attending to the annual, garden beech hedge-cutting marathon).

Dogs packed into the car, along with rods and an assortment of stocked fish gear for a last wee foray onto a local water, Millbuies Fishery, just south of Elgin, where the colours and weather made for the perfect afternoon.
Add to this the fact the fish were feeding well on the surface meant I could discard the usual pulling flies and festive type rainbow gear in favour of a simple set up of two dries, floating line and a bottle of Gink.

Needless to say, the fish were happy to respond and I enjoyed a great afternoon stalking these surface feeders throughout the lochs (there’s two waters joined by way of a low bridge where you have to remember to duck as you pass below – for obvious reasons).

Sunday dawned bright, warm and windless, perfect for the final River Spey Angler’s Association Youth Day at neighbouring Mill of Kellas Fishery. It’s been a privilege to help these guys out this year and fantastic to see so many enthusiastic kids being introduced or coming back time again to enjoy the sport. The usual wee bit of friendly rivalry between friends or siblings, the race to catch the first fish, and enthusiastic and friendly instruction from all present (not to mention the fact everyone caught) led to yet another great day.

Over the winter I’ve a couple of tying events planned as there seems to be a real desire for the youths and adults alike to improve on existing tying skills or to try their hand for the first time. It's great to see, and a wee bit humbling as they’ve asked me to help them along.
So with a bit of effort (and a big bit of effort by the RSAA committee and members) it’s very pleasing to see so many enthusiastic and happy potential new anglers in this area; I can only hope there are similar opportunities throughout the country where others can realise first-hand how fantastic it is to learn, and head out with a fly rod.

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