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March 2018

Quantity: at £4.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £5.60 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.60 (Rest of the World)

Trigger-point Buzzer

Bob Carnhill's Poly-rib C Buzzer Pupa

Earning your stripes

Lessons learned whilst fly fishing for large perch

Parachute instruction

The final fly in this year's Fly Tying League


A Cortland Competition MkII rod up for grabs!

French Polish

Howard Croston's customised river set up explained

Angling Club of the Month

Waterford City and County Trout Angler's Association is helping to attract youngsters to the sport

The Colonels Cold Cure

Warm the hearts of early season stillwater trout!

Sewin in the sunshine

An effective Spider pattern for daytime sea trout (and salmon!)

The vital cog

Charles Jardine is reassured that the tackle shop is here to stay

Fish on!

How does the salmon take a fly?

Tubes with flare

Magnus Angus reviews a new tube tying system

Fantastic Faroe

Exploring the wild fishing potential of the remote Faroe Islands


February 2018

Quantity: at £4.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £5.60 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.60 (Rest of the World)

Pop! goes the Hedgehog

Wet fly innovation from Orkney

Secret weapons for Mask

4 wet flies for 'loch-style heaven'

Win a reel

A practical and beautiful Bickersteth reel is the prize in this month's quiz

The slow-sink Booby

Tactic and crucial dressing

Comfort and joy

Fishing at Brick Farm

Roof-top yellows

Casting in the African mountains

A positive Brexit

Irish salmon vote for this fly

Close up view

A magnifying visor finds itself under scrutiny

Stockbridge fried chicken

It's leg-lickin' good

Peep & Creep

Peeping Caddis tying instruction

The joy of burns

Sharpen up your fieldcraft and gain maximum enjoyment from tiny waters

Down, down, deeper and down

Is your dressing slowing your sink-rate?

Angling club of the month

Meet Macclesfield Fly Fishers Club!


January 2018

Quantity: at £4.20 (UK)
Quantity: at £5.60 (Europe)
Quantity: at £7.60 (Rest of the World)

A day to remember

James Fuller fulfils a dream by going sight fishing in New Zealand's South Island

Salt of the earth

Mick Huffer suggests the Epsom Salt is one of the most simple, versatile and reliable patterns you can create

Swanning around

Colin MacLeod finds help from a reliable source

Angling Club of the Month

Banbridge Angling Club has a lot to offer local and visiting anglers

Bringing home the bacon

Ivan Banks believes he has tied the ultimate Pot-bellied pig

Strange behaviour

George Barron has noticed a change in wild brown trout behaviour and appearance on the Welsh hills. What's going on?

Graylng under pressure

Howard Colmer provides five key ways to increasing your catch-rates on hard fished chalk streams

Weighty solution

Howard Croston explains why he owns thousands of bead heads

A different flavour

Neil Patterson has some bright ideas for the season's end

Hot wings

Paul Little introduces his hot glue 'rachis reconstruction' technique

An answer to your prayers

George Barron finds that unique combination of small hill loch and quality brown trout hidden in the Powys hills

Buzzer bonus

Magnus Angus ties a popular buzzer emerger as the Round Two 'set fly' of this year's Fly Tying League

On the Bench

Magnus Angus tests the Stonfo Transformer vice


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