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LED Lenser NEO headlamp

By Magnus Angus

A simple, quality product at a keen price.
A simple, quality product at a keen price.

An LED bulb gives great light and excellent battery life. This has a wide-angle reflector so the light is well spread. Press the single button and the light comes on; press again, and a red LED blinks on the battery pack; press again and the power reduces; again, and the main light flashes.

Headlamps are very useful, in my opinion more useful than hand torches. Now that LEDs are more common, battery life can be excellent, and this is a good example: the makers claim 100 hours on a set of three AAA cells – I assume that is on the reduced brightness setting.

This NEO headlamp is trimmed in bright orange, which I like – makes it easy to find. All NEO models are brightly coloured. The plastics are high quality, the headband is comfortable and easily adjusted. As a simple head-torch this works very well indeed. The added red LED on the battery pack at the back is a unusual, I am not sure why I would want it. (I wish we could have a headlight with a simple main red LED – nothing else just red - designed specifically to preserve night vision.)

A simple, quality product at a keen price.


Price: £24.99
From: LED Lenser stockists

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