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Roll-Casting in the Deep

Roll-Casting in the Deep

The fishing community has a new member, it would seem. Singer Adele took a morning off from Chasing Pavements on her ‘Adele Live 2016’ world tour to head out, rod in hand, off the coast of Norway.

Attendees at her Oslo gig were told by the multi-hit singer that her and her son had caught their own dinner. It would seem that the trip acted as somewhat of a Remedy to the stresses and jet-setting nature of a world tour.

“I’ve only been here for two days,” she said, “but I’ve honestly had the best two days of my life. Normally when I do a show I just stay in bed, stay in my hotel.”

“I went fishing this morning. I went on a boat and we caught a salmon trout. Me and my little kid, we cooked it for dinner and we ate it. It was great.”

It isn't known the size of the fish caught, however Rumour Has It that when the singer lost a fish on the line she remained upbeat, saying "Nevermind, I'll find someone like you."

Adele, from London, may just have found a new pastime – with chances to fish in her home city on the Thames, River Lea and at some of the surrounding stillwaters. This isn’t to mention opportunities that lie in Water Under the Bridge in London; catching a fish in your own city, how is that for Hometown Glory?

At the very least, this trip has hopefully engaged her young son in the sport and provided a lasting memory for the family that, in future, they can reminisce about When We Were Young.

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