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Fly Tying League 2017-18 1st Round Open results

1 Hubert Janeczek, Poland
2 Nick Candlish, Ayr
3 Wilf Pickup, Chorley
4 Cliff Needs, Exeter
4 Anton Hawkins, Hastings
4 Gwyneth Mooney, Preston
7 Terry Chippendale, Lancaster
7 Kristine Holmberg, USA
7 Robert Rosell, Comber
7 Gary Gormley, Dufftown
11 Przemyslaw Waclawski, Glasgow
11 Martyn Williams, Gwynedd
13 Charlie McCrerie, Denholm
13 John Ferguson, Dalmellington
13 Ron Herbert, Stafford
13 Tim Briggs, Bunbury
17 John Linthout, Dendermonde, Belgium
17 Graeme Auld, Hitchin
17 Michael Beaty, Coniston
20 Peter Klemisch, Germany
20 Rob Horgan, Southampton
20 GF Armstrong, Lincoln
23 Robert McKenzie, Gosport
23 Scott Gillies, Perth
23 Rhian Robinson, Llandudno
26 Larry Niday, USA
27 Robert W Dick, Kinross
28 DF Griffiths, Merseyside
29 Andy Sturrock, Broadford
30 Adam Collinson, Co. Durham

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