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EU Bans Trawling for Bass

EU Bans Trawling for Bass

Trawling for bass has been banned during spawining periods as part of emergency measures introduced in order to avert a total collpase of stocks.

The ban will begin immediately un the Channel, Celtic Sea, Irish Sea and Southern North Sea and will run until April 30th - peak reproductive time for bass.

The EU is also proposing further measures to deal with the impact on bass stocks from recreational and other fishing methods.For recreational bass angling the proposals include a three fish a day bag limit and an increase in the legal minimum size of bass from 36cm to 42cm.

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust, said;
"Bass anglers have been calling for action to protect stocks for nearly a decade and it seems that the UK government and European Commission have at last acted, in the face of undeniable scientific evidence and a concerted campaign by the Angling Trust and BASS.  The immediate emergency measures that have been confirmed are very welcome and the intention to follow these up with further restrictions on commercial exploitation is encouraging."

Meanwhile, David Mitchell, the Angling Trust’s Marine Campaigns Manager, said;
“Emergency measures such as this, can last for a maximum of 12 months so it is crucial that the Commission and member states now follow through on the commitment to develop a long term bass management plan which the Angling Trust and our partners will play a key role in helping to develop. This is an historic decision for recreational fishing and hopefully represents a sea change in public policy towards marine conservation. However, there's a long way to go yet to achieve what is needed for a truly sustainable fishery."

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